It’s 4:55 p.m. And also you’re all set to leave work. Every you need to do is finish sending that email. Connect file, upload, and send to your — wait, what? “File dimension exceeds limit”? The record is as well large. Great. Currently what? If you’re working in Gmail or Outlook, sending documents over 25mb i do not care a headache.

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Is there a much better way come send files over 25mb?

The finest Ways to Send documents Over 25mb

There are far better and less complicated ways come share large files. Right here are some fast tips because that sending files over 25mb, without having to put in some overtime.

1. Compress the File

Depending on the resource file, compressing a record can sometimes significantly reduce the file size. Friend can easily compress PDFs using any type of number of free PDF compressors. A simple search engine check will pack the many complimentary applications you can use. Over there are likewise compressors accessible for photos. For most document compressors, you must just upload the paper and, in a short period of time, friend will have a compressed output file to conserve on your desktop.

BEWARE: If you are sending papers with any sensitive, personal, or service information, third-party apps may shot to copy her data. We recommend not using consumer-grade applications since it might pose a risk to your confidential data.

2. Zip the File

If you have actually multiple big files, it might make sense to compress them right into a .zip file. To do this, just right-click ~ above your record or folder, then click “Send To”, climate “Compressed Zipped Folder”. A .zip folder will appear in the exact same location.

This gives you a nice small package of documents in a solitary folder.


3. Re-Save the File

If you space attempting to upload a bigger document, such together a PowerPoint, sometimes saving the document in a different format will help decrease the size. Just click “Save As” in the menu. This is one often-overlooked systems that might be make the efforts first.

PDF is a good example because there are many different presets that determine the end file size. Another great example is v images and also videos. They come in plenty of different formats yet some have an ext compression than others. When managing images it is best to conserve them together JPG, PNG, or TIF; other formats will have little-to-no compression. With video, the most famous format because that maximum compression is H264. Save time and resave prior to you go any further.

When managing images, the many condensed file versions are .jpg or .png. If girlfriend are managing graphic style elements (such together Adobe InDesign files) friend may try sending them as a picture instead the the raw data. If you need to send the record in its current format, continue reading.

4. Gmail and Google journey Links

Gmail may have been the resource of your headache; however, there is a solution. Gmail does allow sending documents over 25mb via Google Drive, i beg your pardon is convenient however not always recommended for even low-security files. This solution is commonly automated and also will automatically prompt girlfriend to use Google Drive.

BEWARE: If you space sending papers with any type of sensitive, personal or service information, Google drive is not a certain option. Girlfriend or your company won’t have any kind of visibility right into what happens to the file. To be it accessed? when was that accessed? How numerous times to be it accessed? What IP address accessed it? room you certain they have actually the most updated version of the file? have the right to you revolve off access to the file or password protect it? You need a safer method to send papers over 25mb.

While this consumer-grade document sharing platforms are okay when you’re just beginning out, as your organization scales and grows, the more vital and private data girlfriend collect and take responsibility for. To protect against data breaches, save up with raising storage needs, and generally maintain regulate of your company, it’s crucial to upgrade and move far from utilizing consumer-grade servers together your filing platforms.

5. Sending papers Over 25mb the Contain sensitive Information

Whether that is her social defense number or gaue won statements for your business, it is finest to avoid using digital or third-party compressors. You simply don’t understand what will take place to the file. The third-party might own that upon upload, for instance (that would be buried in those state of commitment that were agreed to yet never read).

A basic solution is to usage is a file management and record sharing tool that provides security because that sensitive information without the complications. Not ready to spend money ~ above a irreversible solution simply yet? Simply develop your totally free trial account right here (no credit card required), and then upload her documents. You can then send a link to your document (similar to the procedure for Google drive sharing in Gmail) through’s net portal or v your wanted email account v no hassle. If you use Outlook to access your email, girlfriend can also use the Outlook Connector to add a secure file link without ever before leaving Outlook.

Sending records to China


A many of people have problems sending files to China, explicitly as result of what world refer to together “The great Firewall the China.” while the name recommendations a wonder that the world, those that require to acquire information in and also out of China don’t find it for this reason wonderful.

Many U.S. Service providers that have their products manufactured in China have to send certain specification files with valuable, intellectual property. Through, they have the right to simply send a link to view the data and can even set expiration dates for momentary links.

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Unlike other high-profile file sharing platforms, prefer Dropbox and also Google Drive, is not on the list of websites blocked in China. Instead of impeding your business, you have the right to use our equipment to send and also receive the important documents you need.