We have actually file-size problems. Ours cameras now take fabulous photos and also crisp videos. Our computer systems can handle monstrous spreadsheets. Us can produce detailed graphics that look stunning when blown up. But all of that comes v a drawback: honking substantial files.

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So what perform you do when you want to send that slick video or heap of digital picture of your vacation adventure come grandma, however the record is too large to affix to an email? below are five ways to manage it:

1. Use Google Drive

Gmail users have actually it easy as soon as it to concerns sending papers that room over the limit. Google journey will concerned your rescue when you shot to affix a file that’s end the 25 MB size restriction. Gmail will pop up through a blog post reading, “Large documents must be mutual with Google Drive. Attachments bigger than 25MB will be instantly uploaded come Google Drive. A download link will be had in her emails.”

This is a no-sweat way to send those huge files. You gain a workaround for the attachments limit and also the recipient have the right to download the paper at she leisure. Girlfriend can also upload files directly to Google Drive and then re-superstructure them indigenous there. Save in mind the these documents can count against your journey storage space. Drive have the right to hold papers up come a enormous 5 terabytes in size, however you will need an upgraded, paid storage plan to accommodate that lot data.

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2. Authorize up because that a totally free DropBox account

DropBox is a popular online storage service that lets you store important documents backed up in the cloud. It likewise makes it basic to re-superstructure those papers with other people, who deserve to download them with a sharing connect or add them come their own DropBox accounts.

DropBox uses a totally free 2 GB that room to anyone. If her cloud storage demands are an ext demanding than the totally free account deserve to accommodate, then you can examine into payment tiers the offer much more space. Services favor Box.com and also Microsoft’s OneDrive offer comparable features to DropBox. Girlfriend can always sign increase for more than one totally free storage business if you’re gaining low on space.

3. Send v WeTransfer

WeTransfer’s basic complimentary service allows you share records up come 2 GB in size. WeTransfer no for online storage. It’s simply for sending files. The very an easy to use. Just go to the site, pick the complimentary option, add your file (or files) from your computer and then placed in your email, your recipient’s email, and also a message. Hit the “Transfer” button and wait while WeTransfer uploads the file and sends a an alert to the receiver. The records will remain available to download for 7 days.

4. Find Amazon Drive

It’s easy for Amazon’s Drive business to acquire overlooked in the to like of prime perks, but it offers an easy document storage and also sharing alternative for people who are currently hooked top top the Amazon ecosystem.

Any Amazon user can get 5 GB of room for free, yet Prime members acquire the extra perk of endless photo storage, i beg your pardon is a compelling carrot because that shutterbugs. Much like DropBox, you can share those photos and other files by generating a link and also emailing the to her recipient.

Note: Amazon drive is simply one that the perks the come through your prime membership. Click right here for a complete list of contained benefits.

5. Compress the file

You can make a large document a tiny smaller through compressing it into a zipped folder. In Windows, right-click the document or folder, go down to “send to,” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder.” This will create a brand-new folder that’s smaller sized than the original. Because that Mac systems, control-click a document (or insanity it v two fingers) to bring up the shortcut menu. Choose “Compress” to do a daintier zipped version.

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Compressing isn’t a magic bullet. Because that example, compressing a 90 MB image record in Windows might only an outcome in a 60 MB zipped file, but it can be advantageous if you just need come slim a paper down a tiny to get under her email sending limit.