I know it’s quite annoying as soon as you try to connect a folder in Gmail, yet instead, its components open up. Gmail doesn’t have an option to upload folders as attachments, back there are a couple of ways you have the right to send a folder via Gmail. In today’s post, okay share two means to send a folder through Gmail through each technique having that is own benefits and disadvantages.

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Compress and also send the folder via Gmail

Gmail supports compressed folders, such as Zip, RAR, and 7z. Every you need to do is compress the folder contents and also then connect the folder in Gmail. Below are some factors to aid you decide whether this method is good for you or not:


It’s the fastest technique to send a folder via Gmail.You can easily send many folders in ~ a time.Additional solutions aren’t needed.


You can not send executable files (.exe) together Gmail blocks them.The recipient will need to uncompress the folder prior to viewing.

Compress a folder

All renowned operating equipment are capable of compressing files and also folders. For demonstration, i am going to display you exactly how to compress a folder in Windows. If you room on Mac or Linux, here is the indict to execute so in Mac OS X and also Linux.

1. Right-click top top the folder you want to compress.

2. Hover your mouse cursor end the “Send to” option and select “Compress folder” option indigenous it.


A new Zip document will be created in the same place with your folder inside it. You can also select lot of folders by clicking each folder when holding the Ctrl key and also then follow the above process.


Additionally, you have the right to use a third-party application like 7-Zip to compress folders. With a third-party app, you will do it get much better compression choices along with added features, such as encryption.

Send the compressed folder via Gmail

Now come send the folder via Gmail, compose a new email in Gmail and also click top top the “Attach files” button at the bottom. Afterward, choose the newly developed Zip folder to attach it in Gmail. Unless there to be an executable paper in the folder, girlfriend should be able to send it come anyone.


Decompress the folder

Operating systems are likewise capable the decompressing folders there is no the help of a third-party app. Just open up the Zip folder and click ~ above the “Extract to” button. Now, pick the location where you desire to conserve the document and it will certainly be extracted over there in its original form.


Use Google drive to Send a folder via Gmail

Gmail may not support direct uploads of folders, yet Google journey does. Together Google Drive, seamlessly integrates with Gmail, friend can straight email a folder in Gmail making use of Google Drive. Below room the pros and cons of this method:


You have the right to send large folders approximately 10GB making use of this method.All types of documents inside the folder room acceptable, consisting of executable files.The receiver deserve to view and also download the folder contents without decompressing them.


The procedure requires second online service and also some extra steps, making the a rather slow process.The receiver have the right to only download the folder if that is conserved in the Google drive of the sender.Uploading and also sending many folders is inconvenient.

Upload folder to Google Drive

To send the folder through Gmail, you first need to upload it to your Google journey account. For regular files, you can do this right from the Gmail compose message window. However, because that folders, you’ll have to upload native the Google Drive web interface. Here’s how:

1. Walk to Google Drive net interface and login.

2. Click on the “New” switch at the top-left corner and select “Upload Folder” from it.


3. Now pick the folder native the explorer window and hit “OK” to upload it. You can only choose one folder at a time.


You can repeat the above procedure to upload as numerous folders together you like.

Send the folder v Gmail using Google Drive

Once the folder is uploaded, monitor the below instructions:

1. Go to Gmail and also open up the create window.

2. Here click the “Insert files using Drive” switch at the bottom


3. Now pick the folder you want to send and click top top the “Insert” button in ~ the bottom. You can hold the Ctrl key to select multiple folders.


This will connect the folder in Gmail together a Google journey link. While sending out you’ll be asked whether only the recipient be able to open the folder or anyone v the attach can open it. You’ll also have to confirm whether you desire to re-superstructure the folder (making your folder editable) or just send it. Do the ideal choice, and also the folder will certainly be sent via Gmail.


It doesn’t matter whether the recipient is a Gmail user or not, castle will be able to view and also download the contents.

Wrapping up

I personally uncover the an initial method to be the most convenient. The compressed folder is smaller sized in size and it’s also very easy come send many folders without any mess. However, if you have actually a big folder or it has executable files, climate the second an approach will surely occupational for you.

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If girlfriend have any questions or know any kind of other method to send a folder via Gmail, permit us know in the comments.