Sharing files over 20MB or so can be a actual pain. Email service providers don"t choose to clog increase their business with large docs and video clip files, and handing over a USB isn"t always practical. Join us at together we present you just how to send huge files without hassle (or payment a penny).

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Both make sharing filles simple by permitting you come upload a record through dragging and dropping it into your storage space, selecting it and also then picking a technique of sharing it. There really is almost no easier method to transfer papers to people, and it comes through the advantage of included security, to boot.

To make things a little easier, this is a fast step-by-step overview on record sharing utilizing pCloud. These instructions will an ext or much less work with any kind of other service, including Dropbox.

How to Share large Files v pCloud

Go come the pCloud website and also open an account utilizing your email addressOpen the web clientUpload the documents you desire to re-superstructure by dragging and dropping them native your computer to the clientSelect the files, then click “share”Select even if it is you desire to re-superstructure a link or invite world to the folderThey must now have access and have the ability to download

How to Send big Files Via email (More or Less)

Of course, there space other choices besides using a full-on cloud warehouse service. The easiest alternative is to usage existing email services that have cloud storage integrated, such together Gmail and also Google drive — therefore the “more or less” bit on the ar title. Another great example is Apple’s mail Drop function, which comes v iCloud Email.

In both instances, you can connect the document in concern using a different switch than the usual paperclip. In the situation of Gmail, it’s a switch on the toolbar at the bottom of your email, simply a few doors under from the regular affix button. It’s named “insert papers using Drive.”


Clicking it opens up your Google drive in a different screen. Upload the paper you desire to share into Google Drive, then simply click what you desire to attach, and also you’re off to the races.


Apple’s letter Drop is even much easier to operate. All you should do is click the constant attachment button, then, if the document is also big, you’ll be asked whether you want to usage Mail Drop. However, there are some concerns with mail Drop, together you have the right to read on Apple’s support page, so we choose Gmail. Below, we’ll recap the instructions for making use of that service.

How come Send big Files Via Gmail

Upload the record you desire to share right into Google DriveEither compose a new message or enter an currently conversationClick ~ above the Drive icon in the bottom toolbarSelect the paper you uploaded earlierClick “insert”

How come Send large Files Via File-Transfer Services

If, for part reason, she leery of utilizing either Gmail or Apple letter — us don’t blame girlfriend — and you don’t desire to subscribe to a cloud storage service, there’s one more option. The one that world who’ve been making use of the web since about 15 years back will recognize: paper transfer.

These old, clunky internet applications are still knocking about, and also they usually do a decent job, though they can be a little slow and also security is an issue. Though choices abound, in the past we’ve had the finest results v WeTransfer, so we’ll be utilizing it because that the objectives of this guide.

WeTransfer is free to use for files up to 2GB in size and also is sensibly fast. Using it is simple: go to the WeTransfer site and click “I agree” on the white overlay window.


Then click the “+” to add your files, the recipient’s email attend to as well as your own, plus every little thing message you’d like them come receive. Once that’s done, fight “transfer.”


Your file will be obtainable for 7 days, after i beg your pardon it’s shed in the cyber ether. Do note, though, that documents larger than the one we sent have the right to take a very long time to upload. Various other than that, WeTransfer functions well sufficient if all you’re act is sending one paper one time. Fine recap the measures you must take below, yet we additionally have a complete guide on just how to use WeTransfer.

How come Send large Files with WeTransfer

Open the WeTransfer website and also agree to the termsClick the “+” and select the papers you want to sendEnter your own email resolve as well as your recipient’sClick “transfer” and you’re all done

How to Send big Files making use of File-Transfer Clients

If all of the over options are just too easy and also mainstream for you, yes sir one more for sending large files, namely using file-transfer clients. However, this method of online record transfer needs some an abilities on both your component as well together the recipient, so we only recommend it for those who desire to obtain into the offal of the process.

The upside of utilizing this an approach is customization, the course, to add a guarantee the you i will not ~ lose document quality with compression and the like. We have a roundup the the best file-transfer client you deserve to take a watch at, consisting of our favorite, CyberDuck. Friend could also mess around with WebDAV, if you will do like.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll an ext than likely need to either sign up for a cloud storage company or one of the best IaaS service providers to supply you v the storage room you need. For many users, who just need come send that 10 minute video to their mother, this is pretty lot just adding an unnecessary middleman, therefore we’ll leave it at the for now.

Final Thoughts

There you have actually it, four ways in which you have the right to send big files almost everywhere the globe without having actually to will to USB pole or physics paper. We choose cloud warehouse — including Google drive — end all various other options, simply due to the fact that it’s cheap and secure, though the various other methods have actually merit together well.

If you’d prefer to suffer for yourself exactly how these services work, shot out the and pCloud free plans. Let united state know just how you get on v these wonderful services in the comments below. As always, thank you because that reading.


Frequently Asked inquiries About paper Transfer

How come Send big Files for Free?

The easiest method is using WeTransfer, though we recommend signing up to a cost-free cloud warehouse service, favor pCloud or, so you can manipulate their remarkable speeds and also security.

How to Send huge Video records From Android?

You deserve to use Google Drive, i m sorry is developed into her OS and also has a great app, or you could subscribe to either pCloud or, which likewise have easy-to-use cell phone apps. PCloud deserves one-of-a-kind mention because it permits for media playback in the app, which is handy.

How deserve to I Send huge Files From my iPhone?

We recommend the you use either mail Drop from within Apple mail or sign up for pCloud or, both that which work-related well top top iPhones.

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How deserve to I Send a large PDF File?

Your finest option is to usage Gmail or cloud storage. Google Docs will certainly let you read the PDF record inside her browser, and also it’s very easy to deliver files.