You’ve ultimately completed your marketing presentation. All the relevant material and images are ready in a video clip format. Yet when girlfriend hit the Send button to mail it to your client, you check out the dreaded, “Sorry. Paper too large.“

You need to be wondering what went wrong.

Well, our email accounts don’t have actually as much storage together you could think. Gmail, for instance, has actually a paper capacity of approximately 25MB only.

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So go this mean you’ll need to physically provide your presentation in a pen drive? for sure not.

In this guide, we’ll show you four easy and also cheap ways of sending large files by email.

Ready? stop begin.

Method 1: Uploading Your papers to a Cloud storage Space

Cloud storage spaces choose Dropbox, OneDrive, and also Google drive are fantastic ways to send big files v email.

It’s specifically useful for sending out high-quality images and graphics and very long text-heavy documents. Precisely why this option would work best for freelancers, students, writers, and also for main use.

Depending on your email provider, you have the right to use a matching cloud storage service (for example, Google journey for Gmail and OneDrive for If you decision to usage Dropbox, you’ll have to an initial upload the large files on the platform, and then re-superstructure the net link.

Sounds daunting? Don’t worry, it really isn’t. Here’s how to go around it:

Sending big Files through Google Drive

If you already have the file uploaded to Google Drive, you can select it once composing the email. If the record is conserved on your computer system instead, you’ll have to an initial upload that on Google Drive and then send that via email.

Step #1 open up your Gmail mailbox. Click the Compose button located on the top left-hand next of the screen. A New Message pop-up will show up on her screen.


Step #2 click on the Google Drive icon. You’ll now see an Insert file using Google Drive dialogue crate on your screen.


Step #3 If you’ve currently uploaded the large record to her Google drive account, look because that the record in your Drive and also click on the Insert button.


If girlfriend haven’t, click the Upload tab native the top menu, and click ~ above Select files from her device. Choose Upload to add the document to your Google journey account after selecting it.


You’ll now see the Google journey link included to your mail. Set the permissions together you want to – viewer, commenter, and editor – prior to sending the email.

Sending huge Files with Dropbox

Dropbox is just one of the best cloud storage solutions and is typically used by businessmen and also professionals come send every kinds that files.

Just like Google Drive, sending big files via Dropbox is super straightforward and hardly takes a couple of minutes.

Step #1 type in in your web browser. Log in to her account by inputting in your email and also password.

Step #2 click All files located on the side menu bar towards the left-hand side of her screen. A finish list of all her files and folders ~ above the communication is displayed.


Step #3 Look for the document that you desire to share via email. Hover the mouse over the certain file. Click the three horizontal dots (this is the More icon).


Step #4 click Share indigenous the dropdown menu.


Step #5 You have the right to share the document with particular people by adding their respective email addresses in the Add an email or surname field.


Step #6 You can also adjust sharing permissions by offering them either editing and enhancing or viewing accessibility before generating the link.

Alternatively, you can additionally share the link manually by selecting the Copy link. When you watch the pop-up blog post notifying you around the share connect being copied, you can then paste it on whichever platform you plan to share the through.

You can additionally get the shareable attach from the Dropbox app that’s downloaded on your phone or desktop.

Sharing large Files v OneDrive

OneDrive is great solution for Outlook customers to send large files. Keep in mind the you’ll have to first save your document to OneDrive because that Business before sharing it.

Step #1 Sign in to your OneDrive account.


Step #2 Right-click top top the file you want to share. A dropdown menu will appear on your screen. Pick Share.


Step #3 get in the email addresses the the people that you want to share the big file. You have the right to also collection your preferred editing permissions and include a message before sending an email invite.


All her intended recipients will quickly receive an email with the attach to watch the big file. Friend can additionally generate the link manually and also copy and paste the on a communication of your selection like email or Whatsapp – whatever you prefer.

Method 2: making use of a paper Compression Software

When you want to send multiple documents at a go, it’s much better to usage a record compression software program tool instead of a cloud warehouse link. Lock just an ext time-saving as you deserve to send a folder of documents at once. The reality that you can save loads of space is an additional advantage.

While you have the right to use third-party applications for this purpose, compressing the record directly ~ above your computer system is additionally possible.

We’ll discuss how you have the right to compress a record or folder by convert it into a ZIP version. This is what you must do:

Step #1 Right-click top top the large paper that you desire to email. A dropdown box will appear.


Step #2 Click top top Compress “document-file-name.”

And it is it!

Generally, the records that have actually been compressed right into a ZIP paper reduce in dimension from anything indigenous 10 come 75%. It’s definitely a large range, yet that’s since the compression relies on how much room is accessible within the paper data because that the compression algorithm to execute its magic.

Once her folder is compressed, together with its files, you can simply letter it to your intended recipients together you typically would.

Method 3: making use of a cost-free Online service

You have the right to send large files end email v a cost-free online service – noted the files aren’t confidential or perceptible in nature.

There are plenty of free online solutions that permit you come upload your huge files and then email them to her colleagues or friends. Jumpshare, for instance, lets its individuals use approximately 250MB of records with a cost-free account. If you desire to send also larger files, you need to sign up v their paid plans.

Here’s just how you have the right to send huge files with Jumpshare to your email recipients:

Step #1 sign up because that a free Jumpshare account.

Step #2 as soon as your account is set, click Upload come upload your large files top top the platform.


Step #3 Hover your cursor end the record once the uploading is complete. You’ll see a cogwheel icon – click it.


Step #4 Click top top Share from the dropdown menu. A pop-up box will appear on your screen.


Step #5 Type in the surname or email addresses of your recipients. Then click on the Send switch when done.


You can additionally schedule to send the shareable connect at a later time follow to your convenience.

Method 4: usage a Virtual private Network or VPN (Not Recommended)

You deserve to use a virtual exclusive network or VPN also to send large files. Yet as this isn’t the ideal option, we won’t enter too lot detail about this.

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Why girlfriend ask?

Firstly, sending huge files will slow-moving down your VPN connection. Secondly, over there is no guarantee the your files will be undamaged upon delivery. Think about it: Won’t this defeat the entirety purpose the sending big files in the first place?

Using other alternatives mentioned above, specifically ZIP compression and also cloud warehouse services, is much much more preferable.

The Bottom Line

G Suite and Office 365 constantly come come one’s rescue once it comes to carrying out everyday tasks an ext effectively and conveniently. This contains sharing folders and also files, enabling multiple world to modify a single document, cloud storage, and also so on.

So it’s really no surprise that they do it easier to send large files by email as well. You can use any kind of one the the above methods to safely send records that save on computer high-quality photos or pages (and pages!) of message without any type of compromise the their all at once quality.

However, together we discussed before, stop sending your files through a VPN to avoid messing up your papers – something else functions fine!