Sending a large file or moving big folders around used to need USB drives and also external tough disks. V cloud storage, though, the become possible to simply send it across as an attachment to a message. So read on to learn how to email big files.

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* is our favorite cloud storage service for sharing huge files.

As one of the most secure solutions with vain prices, no record size cap and also great file sharing support, that no surprise that is our favourite cloud storage provider. There’s no downside to just trying the end its 5GB totally free plan, yet if you want to learn an ext before friend start, inspect out our complete review here.

2. PCloud


pCloud is virtually as good as and can keep up to 10GB that data because that free.

pCloud is the just other company that gets close to, fallout’s behind due to the extra expense of pCloud Crypto. However, as pCloud has no record size cap and decent file sharing features, its 10GB totally free plan is a great option for sending large files. You can uncover out much more in our complete pCloud review.

3. Google Drive


Google drive is a good choice, as many people currently have one account.

Although Google Drive has actually no zero-knowledge encryption and limits record sizes to 5TB (though that have to be enough for many people) — it does have good sharing options, large capacity plans and a 15GB totally free plan. Due to the fact that Gmail accounts come with a Google drive account, this is just one of the easiest means to share large files. To discover out more, read our complete Google drive review.

Send huge Files via email by Compressing Them

If your file is just over the 25MB limit of Gmail — or the tantamount limit for her email organization — girlfriend might have the ability to shrink that by compressing the files. This will develop a slightly smaller ZIP file, i m sorry you deserve to send like any other by attaching it to an email.

Use a Free document Transfer Service

Although using cloud storage is a far better solution for permanent collaboration and saving space, there are document transfer services — such together WeTransfer — that will certainly share documents with a specific email address. This will send a attach to the recipient, which will let lock download your file, and it’s pretty straightforward to do.

Final Thoughts

Whether you usage Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any kind of of the plenty of email service providers out there, it’s never been much easier to send documents that room large. Also if girlfriend don’t use cloud storage, there room plenty of totally free providers that will work-related in a pinch.

Although it no as basic as just using a collaboration-focused cloud storage service, and you could not should send big files every day, emailing lock is a fine method to perform it. Friend can additionally attach a password or adjust the permissions whenever friend share a file through a kind cloud warehouse service, so it’s also a good way to share files securely.

Do you regularly send people huge files? have actually you provided a cloud storage service? execute you usage a technique we no mention? permit us know your think in the comments section listed below and additionally check out our overview to email security. Thanks for reading.

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