Many PDF papers are little enough come share with email, yet what carry out you carry out if your PDF documents exceed 20MB in size?

Unfortunately, email servers border large file attachments, forcing you come look for an alternative means to send large PDF files.

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But even if you might send big PDF documents by email, we don’t introduce it! Emails room not commonly encrypted in-transit or in ~ rest, which method if there’s confidential information in your PDFs, the information could potentially be leaked.

Nonetheless, right here are the various ways you deserve to send huge PDF papers today:

How to send big PDF files (3 methods)

1. Usage


Now, include a recipient by clicking the the Add icon. You’ll require to form in the recipients’ name and also email address.


Next, attach one or multiple records by clicking the Attach Files button, clicking on your documents, and clicking Open.


If you’d choose to send a post to your recipient in addition to the file(s), type it in the article box. When you’re ready to send her message, click Send.


Voila! You have officially sent papers via See how easy the was?

Your recipient(s) will currently receive one email notice that will permit them to access the files and also reply.


2. Compress the PDFs beforehand

There are countless online devices you can use to compress your huge PDF documents today.

Compressing big PDFs is an efficient solution if her PDFs room 50MB or smaller, and you need to obtain them to be simply under 20MB. However, if you need to have actually several big PDFs that must be compressed ~ above a constant basis, the can become quite inefficient.

A renowned PDF compression tool can be found on


Using their PDF compression tool, you can upload many PDF documents at once, wait because that them come compress, and also then download compressed duplicates of your PDF documents.

The compression will certainly usually reduce the paper size by 20% – 80%!

Just make sure you review the outputted PDF an initial before sending out it. Sometimes compressing PDFs will alleviate the top quality of the paper significantly, leave some message or pictures blurry.

3. Split the PDF paper into smaller sized parts

If you’re utilizing a paid variation of Adobe Acrobat DC, girlfriend can break-up your PDF records up right into smaller parts, and then send the parts to the recipient individually.

To split PDFs, first, open up Adobe Acrobat DC on her computer.

Go to Tools > Organize Pages.


Then, you’ll need to pick the PDF from her computer.


Next, click Split, select how countless pages to separation each component in each component (ie. If the total number of pages in your PDF document is 8 pages, setting the number to 4 pages will divide the document into two parts), and also click the blue Split button.

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Once the break-up has to be complete, the files will be situated in the exact same folder magazine as the initially uploaded PDF file.