Trying to figure out just how to transfer big files online? Gmail and Yahoo have a 25MB limit, yet don't worry; there space other ways to send your work without hitting one error message.

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One straightforward solution is come upload the file to a cloud storage service for the other human being to then access and download from your device. Cost-free tiers from crate (10GB), Dropbox (2GB), Google journey (15GB), iCloud (5GB), and also OneDrive (5GB) sell storage room that may solve her issue. However, this services also have upload limits, so friend may need to upgrade come a paid plan depending on your needs.



Gmail limits attached files to 25MB; something over the is instantly placed within Google Drive. You can go through the process by starting a new email in Gmail and also then it is registered the record you desire to send. If it’s as well large, Google will generate a link to that in Google Drive.

After you shot to send her email, you’re request to provide your recipient accessibility to the file. Through default, the document is easily accessible just because that viewing. You can opt to permit the person to evaluation or edit the file, yet they would need a Google account to do either action.

Once you collection the permissions, send the email to that recipient. The human being then clicks the attach in the email to watch the paper in Google Drive. Google might limit you come 15GB for the totally free tier that Google Drive, but any kind of paid arrangement will permit you to upload as much as 750GB a work (though documents larger than this will still walk through), with an overall paper limit the 5TB.

Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail can perform the very same trick, however it’s a much less user-friendly option. If you shot to send a large paper through Yahoo, an alert prompts friend to conserve the record to one of two people Google drive or Dropbox. Select your wanted service and then manually upload the document to it.

Return to your email, click record Attachment, and also select Share records From Google Drive or Share files From Dropbox. Pick the file, and also it mirrors up as an e-mail attachment. As soon as your email is sent, your recipient can click the document attachment to view it in Google drive or Dropbox.



Outlook permits you to connect a record up to 33MB in size. If you try to send other larger, the regimen prompts you come upload and also share the document via OneDrive. Pick that option and then compose and also send your message. The recipient can then open and view the file from your OneDrive space.

Use a File-Transfer Site

Instead that relying on email, you can turn come a third-party file transfer website. Upload the file you wish to send and enter her name and also email address along v the name and address of her recipient. The site residences the paper online and sends her recipient a download link. How large can the file be? That depends on the service, and also what you"re ready to pay.



The DropSend file-transfer site allows you come compose an e-mail to your recipient and also attach the record you desire to send. Your recipient receives an email with a attach to the document for viewing or downloading. DropSend offers three personal plans, all requiring a paid subscription.

For $5 a month, the basic plan offers you 10GB of digital storage through up come 25 sends a month. For $9 a month, the Standard arrangement offers 25GB that storage v as numerous as 50 sends a month with other bonus features. The$19-a-month Professional arrangement gives you 25GB the storage through an unlimited number of sends every month and also a host of advanced features.



With MyAirBridge, you have the right to upload a document and email a connect to a certain recipient or just upload the file and generate a connect to share v anyone. You have the right to send a record as large as 20GB because that free. A simple $2.99-per-month setup covers records up to 50GB, the $10.99-per-month Pro arrangement handles records as hefty together 70GB, and also the $65.99-per-month companies plan allows files together beefy together 100GB.

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Filemail is a quick and basic website. Fill the end an email kind with your deal with and the destination, compose your message, affix your file, and send your message. Her recipient climate receives a attach to the document for downloading or viewing it online.

The complimentary option permits files as huge as 5GB, the $10-per-month Filemail Pro plan supports size as large as 25GB, and the $15-per-month Business setup handles unlimited document sizes.