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Emailing huge files may not be possible through a standard file attachment. One way to bypass the paper size border of your email provider is to send the big record as a connect that the recipient deserve to download from the cloud. Google Drive and also Gmail are the perfect duo for this.

Sending large files (up come 10 GB in size) through Gmail via Google journey is as simple as uploading the record to her Google drive account and then sending out it as a common URL. The procedure is similar, yet not precisely the exact same as sending a regular document attachment in Gmail.

These directions apply to Gmail on computers, phones, and tablets. However, the procedure looks various on mobile devices, for this reason take keep in mind of which set of accuse you"re following.

There are other means to email huge files if you don"t usage Gmail or Google Drive. Cloud storage services and online back-up services the support paper sharing usually let friend send big files. There are additionally P2P file-sharing methods that don"t have a file size cap.

how to Send big Files with Gmail using Google journey

There room two methods to usage Google journey to email huge files. If friend uploaded the file to Google Drive, select it while you're writing the email. Or, if the paper is on her computer, upload it come Google Drive and send it every in one motion.

When composing the email from the Gmail website, pick the Google Drive icon from the bottom toolbar.


how to Share record Access top top Your computer

If the document you're sending has actually share permissions in Google Drive, but the world you're sending it come don't have permission to accessibility the file, you'll be provided a couple of options ~ you select Send (desktop-only).

Share: pick the an initial drop-down box next to Share through person to offer the recipients view, comment, or modify access.Turn on attach sharing: link sharing permits view accessibility only and also doesn't permit the recipients re-share the file.Don't share: choosing Don't give access in ~ the bottom of the prompt will certainly send the Google Drive record but won't provide the recipients any access. You deserve to always carry out an accessibility level later.

exactly how to Share paper Access on her Mobile machine

If you're using the mobile app, you'll see a note first. Insanity More Options to control the sharing. You'll see the complying with options:

Recipients only lets you share the file with the email recipients. They need to log in to their Google account to access it. You can provide them view, comment, or edit permissions.Anyone v the connect is for offering anyone access, also if they don't have actually a Google account. You can give them view, comment, or edit permissions.

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Continue there is no sharing share the document without offering them permissions.