The services of a video clip email platform

A video email platform allows you record and upload videos to send via email, text, or through your CRM – all while tracking an important video analytics.

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As us all know, video clip content isn’t the easiest paper type come share and send end email. This deserve to be because of large file sizes that commonly accompany video clip content. In this article, we’re going come cover every little thing you should know around sending videos with email and also how come send lengthy videos v email. We’ll go over some easy and also efficient methods to send your videos with email. We’ll additionally cover these topics:

How to email a videoHow to send large videos through emailHow to send a video through email from iPhone and AndroidHow to easily send big video filesHow come send a long video through email


The battle of Emailing lengthy Videos

Video content is often pretty big and have the right to take increase a lot of room on your tough drive or top top your email server. So once it pertains to wanting come learn how to email a video clip the absence of space on your difficult drive can reason many problems when wanting to send large video files, or really any type of video clip for the matter. Email platforms favor Gmail and also Outlook have actually an attachment size limit that most videos exceed. The Gmail attachment size limit have the right to prevent friend from sending your video clip email as an attachment and also you need to find alternative methods come share your video content. Sometimes, once you send videos via email, castle can additionally get recorded in spam filters, and also never end up getting yielded to the right inbox. 

There room a few workarounds though. This can encompass uploading your video to her Google Drive and sending a attach instead of an attachment. Friend can additionally compress her video, but when friend compress a video, you’re likewise reducing its picture quality. Regardless of the workaround girlfriend choose, there room going to be a couple of takeaways along with advantages. The best means to send long videos is through a video email platform. These platforms carry out all the hefty lifting because that you and permit you to easily record and also send video emails in ~ ease. Through a video email platform, girlfriend don’t require to issue about record sizes, video clip compression, etc… because all of the nitty-gritty details are taken care of. Let us present you just how to send large videos with a video email platform!

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The Best means to Send huge Video Files

If you’re looking for the best means to share big video files, look at no further! using a video email platform choose renders sending videos together a message exceptionally easy. With, you deserve to record, send, and track video clip emails in ~ ease. You have actually the ability to share video messages via email, text, through social media, or embed them on her website. You can do all of these jobs from your computer system or her phone, make easily accessible on all your platforms and devices. After ~ recording your videos, will automatically compress videos for email, however, the high quality of the video clip is not sacrificed. will revolve your video content right into a link that you can easily embed right into your email. 

With, your videos are stored in her online video clip library, where you can record and send an unlimited variety of videos. The entire process of recording and also sending videos takes simply a couple of minutes, once your video clip is recorded, all you must do is copy and also paste the attach – which takes no time at all. This is why is not just the best way to re-superstructure videos, but also the fastest method to send large video files online.

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How come Send a video Through Email

Now that you’ve discovered your go-to solution for exactly how to send huge video files, we’re going to walk girlfriend through how to send a video by email with These space the basic instructions of just how to record a video, grab and copy the link, and also paste it right into your preferred email platform favor Outlook, Gmail, etc., however there are also additional options if you desire to learn just how to send huge videos straight from’s website. If you want to know exactly how to send a video clip through email from iPhones or Androids, you can skip ahead to the next section. 

Go to and also log in. Right here you will certainly learn how to send a video by email.Choose even if it is you desire to record a brand-new video, or upload an present one.After recording or uploading, find the video you want to send in her library.Click top top the “QuickShare” symbol on the video you would favor to copy.Navigate to her CRM or email platform and also paste the attach into her message.That’s it! This will certainly copy and also paste your video clip with your default video landing page, calls-to-action links, and thumbnail.

How to email a video is basic with a video clip emailing platform. Sign up for a 7-day free trial today, no credit card is required.

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How come Send a video Through email from Phone

You can likewise send videos from her phone v the mobile app. This is a great option if you’re record videos top top the go, you space away from her office, or have actually a video already tape-recorded on your phone the you desire to upload and send. Prior to you can email big videos from her phone, you will an initial need come download the app in one of two people the Apple store or Google beat Store. As soon as downloaded, these space the indict for how to send large video documents from iPhone and also how to send large video documents from android. 

When you’re all set to send her videos via email, you have two options. Here’s exactly how to email huge videos, or exactly how to send a video through email from phone v the app:

1. Emailing indigenous If you desire to email your videos straight from the app, first locate the video clip you want to send. Listed below the video clip click “Email.” form in the recipient’s email, a subject, and a short message. You have the right to customize her landing page and also calls-to-actions together well. As soon as you’re ready, click send and also your video clip email will be sent! 

2. Copying and pasting If you prefer to copy and also paste your video clip into your personal email platform or with your CRM, that is an alternative too. First, discover the video you want to copy. In the toolbar below the video, click “CRM.” Click the orange switch that states “Copy CRM Code.” go to the applications or webpage you want to paste it into, and click paste. 


Send large Video papers Free

Now the we’ve simply covered exactly how to send videos (large or small) via email, exactly how to compress a video clip for email, and how to embed a video clip in an email, go ahead and shot it the end for yourself! If you’re curious about the services of video email, learn an ext about how to embed a video in an e-mail and just how to compress a video clip for email in our blog.

See how video clip email functions for yourself through’s 7-day cost-free trial where you have the right to record and send limitless videos and also learn just how to send a video through email. Through’s cost-free trial, you’ll get instant accessibility to all of our conventional features, and you’ll be able to upload, record, send, and track video clip emails in ~ minutes. Try it the end for 7-days and learn exactly how to send lengthy videos no credit transaction card required!