You never need to worry about seeing one error blog post like this oneever again. Because today, you"re going to email college to learn the ABCs the zipping, driving and also dropping. Ready? Let us begin.

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Size Matters

What space the size constraints to sending a file? the all relies on the email platform you use.

Message sizelimitations for:

Gmail:25 MB

Ymail:25 MB

Outlook:~20MB (for default internet email, yet your company may border sizes in ~ the Exchange level)

So, generally if your record is in the 20+ MB range, you will have to do something about it.

Besides the annoyance of one error message and time shed working approximately it, there space other great reasons come shrink the dimension of your email messages and also attachments. Those reasons encompass keeping inboxes clean if her Exchange server has storage problems, file and document sharing integrity, and also security, simply to name a few.

1. ZipIt

If youneed come send a really large file, or lots of small files, one neat cheat is to merely compressthe file. This means, you"re sending out the actual PDF or PSD, or whatever, however you"re compressing the data so the the file size is smaller.

On a Mac or computer (the direction are approximately the same), you merely right (control) click your file and select Compress. This will develop a new file on your desktop computer with the exact same name and .zip extension.

If you have actually several records to compress, develop a folder through the records you want to zip, and then control-click and also Compress.


2. Journey It

Gmail has listed its own elegant workaround for sending big files: Google Drive.

If you use Gmail, you have actually the option from your message window to affix a record from Drive. Instead of consisting of the file in her email, it web links to the document or folder in her Google Drive.

Make certain to adjustshare settings to permit your contact access to the folder or file.


3. Fall It

Dropbox is your everythingwhen it come to file sharing. Wekeep our whole LIFE ~ above Dropbox. You deserve to share substantial files, a folder that 1 zillion photos, movie files, anything the you can think to upload.

Another tidbitaboutDropbox is a nifty defense featurethat permits you come send an exploding link. This is a great way come send a document that girlfriend can"t securely or nearly send end email, and also you don"t want someone come have accessibility to the file for more than a collection amount the time.

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So, currently you can Zip It, drive It or Drop the (like it"s hot) anytime you must hurla big paper across the internet.