You’ve perfected and also saved your new video creation and are all set to send the video via email yet it says “Sorry. Paper size too huge to connect to email.” All video clip creators recognize this dreaded pop-up. It can be frustrating, but we’ve gained all the best tips and also tricks to assist you send huge video documents via email.

Let’s talk about everything you need to recognize about document size boundaries for email providers, it is registered a huge video v email, and also successfully sending out the large video via email. Read on together we explore:

How to send a huge video v email (5 ways)

Send your video via Dropbox

Save your video clip with’s low record size option

Compress the record to send via email 

Insert records using Google Drive

 File sharing v Sharepages

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How to send a large video v email (5 ways)

When creators and also business owners want to email huge video files, it deserve to be unnecessarily challenging. We’re all too acquainted with the “error” symbol. Why? since you could just it is in missing vital steps between the video export and attach a record to one email. 

Email huge video record size limits

Each email platform requires different paper size limits.

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Outlook paper size limits: Upload papers to Outlook email need to be a best of 20 MB in total. 

Gmail record size limits: Sending large video documents via Gmail need to be a maximum dimension of 25 MB in total.

Yahoo mail document size limits: Send up to 25 MB of video clip via email through Yahoo mail. 

Zoho mail record size limits: Send large video papers up to 20 MB in complete with Zoho mail. 

iCloud mail paper size limits: Send and receive message that are up come 20 MB in dimension with iCloud mail. 


1. Send your video via Dropbox

File sharing is made easy with Dropbox. They’re the modern-day workspace designed to reduce busywork life—so you can focus on things that matter. 

All records uploaded come Dropbox can't exceed her storage space quota. There is no document size border for files uploaded through the desktop or cell phone apps, and also files uploaded to have a maximum record size of 50 GB.

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Upload your video record to Dropbox or save and also upload directly from our online video clip editor. As soon as your video clip has been uploaded to Dropbox, all you have to do is log right into either Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Zoho mail or iCloud. Share the links to the file (copy) to send records to email addresses (paste). That as basic as that.

2. Conserve your video clip with’s low document size option

An simple solution come send big video papers via email is to export your video in a small record size. 

When exporting through our online video clip editor, you presented through 3 different file size options. Resolution dimension 480p, 720p and 1080p. For ultimate compression, pick 480p (suitable because that demo videos) or 720p (suitable for social media). 

To further compress her video file to successfully send via email, choose the Draft alternative under optimization. Your video quality won’t be together crisp and clear together the Quality optimization option, however this attribute works ideal for file sharing. 

Now stop compare two of our smaller conserving methods. We saved the exact same 20-second video clip in two different formats. 480p Draft versus 720p Quality. It’s obvious that our smallest paper size saving an approach won by 17.80 MB and will be an ideal to send via any kind of email platform.