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Videos are becoming a famous medium for businesses to connect with your prospects and also customers. And also many businesses room making usage of emails come send throughout their video clip files such together demos, how-to instructions, testimonials etc. However the real trouble starts when businesses try to send across a heavy video paper via email. If you’re among them, girlfriend must have actually encountered the disastrous “Error” message.

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5 You can not just remove the weight-off your email attachments but additionally do an ext with them and also that includes:

Large paper error message in Gmail

As a workaround, many businesses upload their large video papers on YouTube and share it with their prospects together a attach via email. While it is convenient to do so, remember, your videos are on an open platform and therefore no secure. Also, the recipients will not receive an email notification for her email.

Now, considering her predicament, permit us assist you recognize why sending out a heavy video via email is not as basic as you assumed it would certainly be.

Why can’t i send a big video file via email?

The first might be the your video clip is long and takes up an ext space. Also your video clip clip can be the a higher resolution, and you end up v a video too huge to email.

Secondly, email clients have placed a border on the size of the email you send. They are as follows:

Gmail: 25 MBYahoo: 25 MBOutlook: 20 MBHotmail: 10 MB

Why perform email clients border the attachments size?

According come Microsoft support, this limit is placed to prevent world from uploading big attachments the exceed the limits of most Internet service Providers (ISPs). This provided rise to the must downsize the video clip before businesses sent out their emails.

Common ways human being send large video over email

As a means to tackle this problem, enterprise have found many alternate methods come send video clip files v email. Let’s look at a few of them and additionally discuss your pitfalls.

1. Compress video clip for email

There are numerous tools out in the market that lets you shrink/compress the size of her videos. However the million-dollar question is “By how much”? as you deserve to see in the photo below, the customer compressed his 6-minute video, however the size was lessened only through 25 Mb! This is why in most situations compressing have the right to leave you through a hefty video document and ns in quality (audio, video, or both). Also, a zipped document needs to it is in downloaded and unzipped by the user and therefore it is a cumbersome process.

2. Send big video records through the drive

Businesses use cloud storage services prefer Google Drive, DropBox, or OneDrive to send large video papers via email. Despite it has its advantages, it is going as a link and also therefore it falls brief in offering an engaging intuitive preview for the recipients. Also, as presented in the image below, if your account reaches its warehouse limit, you will have actually to totally free up some an are before sending the video clip link.

3. Embedding big videos in email –

If you’re one of those cool children who sports some technical know-how about coding and HTML, climate wow! however a bulk of us space not therefore savvy with coding. And that’s entirely fine! this is the fact – significant email clients prefer Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo don’t assistance the ability to play installed HTML5 videos straight in the inbox, so her recipients won’t be able to watch the video within the email, and also the more facility your code is, the more likely the is the it’ll soil in the spam folder.

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Now that we’ve touched upon all the common tactics businesses have used end the years to send big video documents via email in addition to their downsides, let’s attend to the elephant in the room – ‘What is the best way to send a huge video document via email’?

What is the best way to send a large video via email?

According to market forecasts, video alone will make up over 82% that all web traffic through 2021. For this reason we do not want you to miss out on out on all the fun! This is why we’re bringing friend the easiest and fastest way to send a huge video via email – a video hosting platform!

Through a video clip hosting platform, you have the right to “host” the video on a third-party video clip platform through embedding a hyperlink it provides into your email.

By utilizing a video hosting platform, you can share high-quality videos v your audience without the are afraid of heavy attachments or worrying around the size limits set by email clients.

We’ll now cover a few of the benefits a video clip hosting communication such together Hippo video clip offers you:

Record or income videos – Gone are the days when businesses had to an initial record their video using a digital camera or any type of other outside software, transform it and then send it together an attachment. By utilizing a video clip hosting platform favor Hippo Video, you deserve to now document videos making use of a combination of audio with webcam and also screen recording ideal from the communication or import formerly recorded videos either from your neighborhood drive or native the video platform library.

Now a question could pop – Which space the video clip formats you deserve to import come Hippo Video? Well, that supports layouts such as MP4, MKV, FLV, and 3GP, MPG v a maximum paper size of 1024 MB.

You can not only remove the weight-off your email attachments but also do an ext with them and also that includes:

Edit, personalize, and track videos – A video hosting platform not only removes the weight off your email attachments, however you can also do more with lock such together edit, personalize, and track your videos. Want to do your video clip crisper? with Hippo Video, friend can modify your video to perfection by making use of the natural editing choices such as trim, cut, crop, and include texts to her video.

Want a better reach for your videos? You deserve to personalize facets that are appropriate to her customer such as their name, company name, logo, etc. In simply a few clicks.

To optimal it all, girlfriend can also track the interactions her recipients made through your video by assessing the watch rate, video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate. Based upon this real-time video clip analytics, you can plan your next relocate with the prospect(s).

Share huge video documents from email clients – While the true that most email clients have set size limits, v a video clip hosting platform, you are no more confined to this. Through Hippo video clip integrated with major email clients like Outlook, Gmail, etc. It is much easier to send huge video papers right native within her email. Yes, it is right! You can now record, import, and also send videos directly from your email without having to move tabs.

Do examine out our blog on quick and also easy ways to embed videos in Gmail and also Outlook to learn more!

Embed big video documents on landing pages – Adding video to a landing page can aid quickly record the attention of prospects, deliver a clear message, and encourage them come take activity without sounding pushy. Using videos on landing pages have the right to increase conversion by 86%! – source: wordstream.

With Hippo Video, you have the right to embed huge video records into your landing page without any kind of worry around server lag, together it is embedded on the hosting platform. That also enables you come customize your page by adding elements such together your logo, theme, CTA buttons, slider videos, and additionally create your very own custom domain to enhance your brand identity.

To send your video landing web page via email, you have the right to either copy the link and share it v your contact or you have the right to import her CSV paper to beginning a landing page project via email, in ~ Hippo Video.

Frequently asked inquiry (FAQ) about huge attachments

We are currently going come answer a couple of of the usual questions you can have around sending big video papers via email using a video clip hosting platform choose Hippo Video. Let’s take it a closer look in ~ each among them:

Can ns send videos without shedding quality?

Hosting your big video documents using a committed hosting platform prefer Hippo video clip eliminates the ns of video quality regardless of whether of the size of your video clip as it takes care of the rendering and also storing of your videos. Because your videos are sent out as a link, it will be irradiate on your email.

Are my videos secure when sending with a video hosting platform?

With Hippo Video, friend can defend your videos with a password and also collection an expiry date for the shared video link.

How simple is it to send videos using Hippo Video?

With three an easy steps, you can send her videos using the Hippo video. All you have to do is – record, edit, and copy the video link come your wanted medium.

How can a video hosting platform protect against my emails indigenous landing in spam?

With a video hosting platform, you have the right to convey your article through a video, in order to reducing the need for much more texts and also promotional indigenous such together ‘Offer’ ‘Low Price’ etc. You can also convey this in your video clip preview to lure your audience come click the video. Thereby, staying clear of your emails indigenous landing in spam.

How can I change the microphone and also camera I usage to record?

when you record with Hippo Video, in case you don’t desire to use the in-built audio and camera, you can adjust which camera or microphone you want to usage by transforming the alternatives in the Chrome extension. To execute this, click on the Hippo video clip icon to open up the extension and also go to ‘Advanced Settings’. That as straightforward as that.

Can ns personalize my video clip thumbnail with Hippo Video?

A great video thumbnail will certainly entice civilization to click on your video and likewise give them a clue around your video clip content. With Hippo Video, girlfriend can select a static or a GIF video clip thumbnail to personalize your thumbnail content. You have the right to also add merge fields such as an initial name, firm logo, etc. Along with texts to make your video clip thumbnails clickable.

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Can i send huge video papers using mine mobile phone?

With salespeople continually on the go, expecting them come compress and attach big video files via email is a little bit insane. Through Hippo video clip mobile app, you deserve to record 1:1 videos, accessibility pre-recorded contents created throughout devices on your mobile, produce in-video (Call to Action) CTA’s, etc. And send via email while on the go. It is additionally compatible v iOS and also Android cell phone devices.


With plenty of email clients staying clear of you indigenous sending huge files over a particular size limit, friend don’t should have an extensive developer skills or compress your videos in order because that it to reach far and also wide. Through a video hosting platform like Hippo Video, you can just copy the embed password we provide and dough it in your email or even better, record videos directly from within the preferred email client, and shoot far – that as straightforward as that!

Haven’t checked out Hippo video yet? Sign-up today and also enjoy the power of videos!