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Open the Messages application > tap and hold the audio icon on the appropriate of the text article field. Then release your finger and also tap the up arrow.Open the Voice Memos app and also tap the record. Once you finish, insanity stop. Madness the three dots below the recording and select Share.

This short article explains two easy methods to send voice messages on her iPhone. You deserve to create and also share one audio blog post using the Messages and Voice Memos apps. This choice is convenient if speak is quicker and easier than inputting or if you want your recipient to hear her voice.

Create and Send a Voice blog post With message

Typing text messages deserve to be time-consuming if you have actually a lot to say. And also with autocorrect, girlfriend never recognize what can be typed by mistake. However by sending a voice article in the messages app, you deserve to say specifically what you desire to her recipient.

Open the Messages app on your iPhone. If you have actually an currently conversation with your recipient, select it to open up it. If not, madness the new Message symbol on the optimal right and enter the receiver in the come field.

On the ideal side the the message message ar at the bottom, tap and also hold the audio icon. Speak your article while holding the icon. As soon as you finish, release your finger.

Tap the play button icon in the gray area come the right to hear your message. If you want to cancel or re-record it, insanity the X on the left the the message. 


When you send a recording making use of Voice Memos, it will be formatted as an M4A file. So your recipient deserve to use whichever audio player they have to open it and listen.

Rest your fingers, say every little thing you need to say, or allow your family hear your youngsters say hello with voice messages on her iPhone.

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Go to the Settings app > Messages > Audio Messages and also tap the Raise come Listen move to disable it. You can still send audio messages manually.