A man walks past help at a warehouse where international humanitarian aid for Venezuela is being stored, during a visit by U.S. Secretary the State Mike Pompeo and Colombia’s chairman Ivan Duque, near the La Unidad cross-border bridge in between Colombia and also Venezuela in Cucuta, Colombia April 14, 2019. lasignoralaura.com/Luisa Gonzalez/File Photo

CARACAS, April 30 (lasignoralaura.com) - A U.S.-backed effort to send aid to Venezuela in 2019 that finished in a violent standoff ~ above the Colombian border was not planned in alignment with humanitarian principles, according to one audit through the Washington-based aid agency involved in the operation.

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The U.S. Company for International advance (USAID) sent assist material to the Colombian border region in February 2019 amid chronic shortages that food and medicine and also rising malnutrition in Venezuela.

The Trump administration had planned because that the supplies to it is in carried across the Colombian border into Venezuela by allies the Venezuelan the opposite leader Juan Guaido. However the help convoys were clogged by troops faithful to president Nicolas Maduro - who dubbed the procedure a violation the the nation's sovereignty.

"(The) directive to pre-position humanitarian assets was not moved by technical field of expertise or completely aligned with the Office the Inspector General, U.S. Agency for International advance ... Values of neutrality, independence, and being based on needs assessments," the USAID audit concluded.

The report, originally released ~ above April 16, was very first reported through the connected Press.

The border standoff took place weeks ~ the Trump administration recognized Guaido as Venezuela's legitimate president and backed Guaido's development of an interim federal government that was supposed to development a political shift in Venezuela.

During the aid effort, USAID leader instructed officials to align decision "toward reinforcing the Interim Government's credibility," the report says.

It adds that USAID's management directed officials come minimize resources to United countries agencies, also though they had infrastructure in Venezuela to deliver such goods, since it thought they to be sympathetic come Maduro's government.

"The Boliviarian government in February 2019 warned about the fraudulence the the an alleged humanitarian aid from the us in Cucuta," tweeted Venezuelan international Minister Jorge Arreaza, in reference to the Colombian border city where much of the aid was sent. "Today,
USAID chin recognizes the it was part of a political procedure meant to change a government."

"It was never a humanitarian action, yet rather a covert operation," wrote info Minister Freddy Ñañez in one emailed statement. "Humanitarian aid was the excuse with which they tried to break our ar sovereignty."

The U.S. State room did not immediately respond to a inquiry for comment.

"We welcome this and also all reports that aim to enhance the effectiveness of USAID's work, particularly in daunting operating environments," a USAID spokesperson stated in an emailed solution to lasignoralaura.com.

Of the 368 tonnes of gives sent come the Colombia-Venezuela border region, only eight were ceded to Venezuela, through the remainder distributed in Colombia or shipped to Somalia, the report said.

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Following the help standoff, Maduro’s government started progressively enabling for a greater influx that foreign help and an expanded presence of worldwide humanitarian groups.

Reporting by Brian Ellsworth, additional reporting by Simon Lewis in WashingtonEditing through Marguerita Choy