In this article, you will certainly learn exactly how to record a voice message and send it via Gmail as an attached record on home windows PC, Mac computer, Android, and iPhone.

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How come send voice messages viaGmail on home windows PC?

If you room using a home windows pc, that comes through a Voice Recorder built-in app. You have the right to use that to document audio messages and also then affix them to her emails. Follow this instructions to perform so:

Click ~ above the Start button and type Voice Recorder for windows 10 or Sound Recorder for home windows 7 and also 8.1 in the find bar.

Open the app and also click the microphone button to begin the recording.
To stop the recording, click the Stop button and the voice recording will be instantly saved to your records folder on her computer. Girlfriend can adjust its surname by merely right-clicking on it and typing the brand-new title.Add your recipient’s email address, compose a text and also submit the topic of the letter. Then click the clip icon to affix files and also drag and also drop your audio recording.

Finally, click Send come send her email with a voice message in it.

How come send voice message via Gmail ~ above Mac?

On her Mac walk to the Voice Memos app and click top top Record (big red circle) to record an audio message using the integrated microphone.

When you room finished, click Pause (two upright lines) and then ~ above Done.

You deserve to now rename her recording by simply clicking the New Recording.Finally, you can share her recording by clicking on the upward-facing arrowhead in the top right and also select Mail if her Gmail account is collection up in the Mail application or pick More come download the audio message and also send that manually together an attachment described above.

How to send voice messages via Gmail top top iPhone?

If you use an iPhone and also want to attach a voice post to her email, the procedure is a lot prefer the one described over for Mac computer.

Open your Voice Memosapp.

Record one audio.

Tap top top Share and choose the Mail app (or Gmail application if you have one).

Write the email, then tap the Send button.

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How to send voice messages via Gmail on Android?

Open the integrated Recorder app and start the recording.After it's done, tap ~ above Menu (three dots) and also select Share, then pick the Mail app and write her email.Finally, insanity Send and your voice memo will be attached come it.