"I have actually recorded a video clip of mine wedding anniversary bash, and one of mine friends created an audio mix meant explicitly for the celebration. The was full of energy and fun. Many of mine friends did not control to attend, and now they desire to see exactly how it went. We call Messenger Facebook, however I have actually been acquiring this article of "message failed come send" & "not delivered" anytime I try to send the video. So please, who to direct me on how have the right to I send a huge video on facebook Messenger."

Sending huge videos could fail come upload if your net speed is slow and also often takes longer to upload. To do it much easier to send large video or audio files via facebook Messenger, friend can first cut turn off the useless part to alleviate the size of video/audio and also then compress them. 

Before we display you how to send large video on messenger, or how to send huge audio ~ above messenger, let us update you through what you have to know and satisfy prior to proceeding.

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Part 1. Video/Audio size Limit of on facebook Messenger

One the the factors why the video or audio friend are sending on on facebook Messenger stops working is that messenger does not fulfill the messenger"s upload specs. The best attachment dimension is 25 MB. For this reason you may need to adjust the video resolution for sending out the file on messenger. The correct measurement for a video clip should it is in an aspect ratio range of 9:16 to 16:9 with a maximum structure rate that 30 frames every second. Video with an ext than this structure rate will certainly be decimated in entirety integers till it drops within the stated range. The is resampled for audio according to the initial video clip sample price to 22,050 Hz or 44,100 Hz.

Part 2. Four Ways to Compress big Video/Audio because that Messenger

Method 1: Compress Video/Audio via Best video Compressor - Wondershare UniConverter

The first solution means is come compress the video/audio files, then it will certainly under on facebook Messenger’s specification limitations, so the you can upload to facebook Messenger. The prompts girlfriend to pull a the majority of resources to obtain the appropriate software for the job, if friend search video clip compressor at Google, you will certainly find countless different software. However, to ease you indigenous painstaking hassle, right here is a top-notch and video clip compressor tool, Wondershare UniConverter, perfect for the task. That can assist you conveniently solve the problem that exactly how to send big video papers on facebook Messenger. It additionally has rather a pair of interesting features, including video convert, trim, crop, eco-friendly screen, DVD burning, and also more. This video clip compressor support a wide variety of document formats, including M4V, MP4, AVI for video and MP3, M4A, and AAC for Audio, the most eay-catching is you can customized any kind of kind of output format.

Let’s begin using it to compress huge videos.

The complying with are 3 procedures on exactly how to compress the video by Wondershare UniConverter

Get the great Video Compressor because that Messenger:

Video/Audio conversion mode is compatible with popular record formats, prefer MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc.It permits the income media of documents from the hard-drive, devices, or society media.You deserve to download video/audio from online sites choose VEVO, YouTube, Facebook.It has actually is a preview option.Allows you to export the video/audio straight to the device and social media platforms.Toolbox in UniConverter: VR converter, display screen recorder, DVD/CD burner, GIF maker.Both Windows and also Mac versions are available.
Step 1. Add Video/Audio record which you want to compress

Run UniConverter on your PC and also click the “Video Compressor” symbol on the food selection tab. Then import the video clip to compress by clicking on the “+” icon and browse videos in the saved location. As soon as you discovered it, you can then upload it.


Step 2. Adjust settings for compression

Now, you deserve to see the video on the "Compress" home window with all original information. To start compressing the video, store sliding the "Progress bar." and as you on slide the bar, friend will notice the readjust in parameters accordingly. The settings incorporate the file size, little bit rate, and compress rate. Alternatively, rather of making use of the development bar, you have the right to manually compress the video by varying the video clip size and the resolution manually.


Step 3. Compress video for Messenger

Before you begin compressing the video, examine the changes by clicking on the “Preview” switch to watch the video for 20 seconds. After ~ attaining the predetermined specification, administer the ideal save place for the video. Finally, madness the “Compress” button to compress big videos come a small size. If girlfriend have included multi-video files, you re welcome click "Compress" or "Start All". The compressed video you can find it at “Finished”.


After that, your video clip will be helpful to be sent out on messenger there is no interruption.

Method 2: Upload video clip to Facebook and also share the video’s link.

Facebook messenger enables you to upload the video clip in the chat as much as 25 MB yet in the Facebook app you can quickly upload big videos without any type of size limitations. As soon as you upload any video to on facebook then a attach will be produced for her uploaded video and you can share this attach anywhere without any type of limit. So, here the trick is that you can very first upload the big video to facebook directly and then you deserve to share the uploaded video clip link to her friends in messenger. This is the trick come send large video on facebook messenger without any size limitation. Stop see exactly how to send huge video on on facebook messenger making use of this trick.

Step 1. Firstly, open up Facebook on your mobile or desktop and climate tap ~ above the “What’s on your mind?” area.


Step 3. Madness the “Camera” switch on the screen and then girlfriend will watch all videos and photos of your phone. Now choose the video clip which you want to upload on the Facebook.

Step 4. After choosing the video tap the “Done” button at the upper ideal corner. Currently tap the “Post” button to re-superstructure the video clip on Facebook.

Step 5. When you have uploaded the video then you need to tap on the three dots at the top right corner of video and fight the “Copy Link” option. When you have copied the video link friend can easily share that link in the messenger conversation of her friend and they deserve to enjoy the post video.

Method 3: Upload video clip to YouTube and also share video link.

YouTube is a really popular and also best video clip sharing site about the world and also another point is that YouTube permits users to post big videos on the platform without any kind of limitation of size. These uploads room totally totally free of cost and also you don’t have to pay anything to usage this organization of YouTube. You have the right to use the YouTube mobile application or the web platform because that uploading the videos without any type of issue for totally free of cost. After posting the videos top top YouTube it offers you a distinctive URL which can be mutual anywhere also you deserve to share that in the on facebook messenger with your friends. Let’s see just how to use this trick to send big video on on facebook messenger.

Step 1. Firstly, open up the YouTube app on her mobile and also then tap on the “Library” alternative at the reduced right corner.

Step 3. At the lower pane friend will check out options. From these alternatives you must tap the “Video” button. Now select the video clip from her mobile collection which you desire to upload climate tap “Post” button.

Step 4. Currently the will be uploaded in couple of minutes depending upon the size of your video. After ~ uploading the video clip tap the “Share” button under the video.

Step 5. In the next display screen now insanity the “Copy Link” icon to copy the URL the video. As soon as you have copied the video URL you can share it v your friends on messenger.

Method 4: Upload Video/Audio come Google Drive.

Google drive is the best and most renowned product native Google which allows you to back-up photos, videos, audio and any other kind of file from your mobile of desktop. There are plenty of other features also offers in the Google drive and sharing connect is among them. When you use Gmail by Google then you can not share files more than 25 MB v the Email. In that instance you can share the documents through Google journey which are more than 25 MB. Similar to this you can additionally use the Google drive together a video clip sharing application to send large video on on facebook messenger with the assist of link. Here we will discuss about how to share huge video to messenger using Google Drive.

Step 1. Firstly, open Google Drive and also then madness the “New > file Upload” button. Now choose the video clip which you desire to upload from your mobile memory and also then insanity the “Open” button and also the video clip will be uploaded ~ above Google journey in couple of minutes.

Step 2. Now, open the video paper in Google drive by tapping top top it and also then you should tap the 3 dots at the top right side. In the popup food selection you need to tap top top the “”Open in brand-new Window” button. As soon as the video clip is opened up in the internet browser just copy the link from the browser resolve bar and then you can simply re-superstructure the video link in the messenger v your friends.
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