Nearly every web application that uses some sort of cloud-based storage space – look in ~ YouTube, Flickr, on facebook or Scribd - support paper uploads via email. You acquire a distinctive email resolve and any type of files that you send to this email address are uploaded come your digital account.

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This is handy for a pair of reasons. You have the right to upload records from your mobile phone by simply attaching them to an email deal with without inquiry any details app. If you room working through a group, everyone deserve to upload contents to a common an are without knowing the login credentials. Girlfriend can even send remote print commands via email.

Send documents to Dropbox utilizing Email

Surprisingly Dropbox, the many popular record storage and also sync service on the web, no offer indigenous support for email based file uploads yet. Girlfriend can but use the complimentary IFTTT business to upload records to her Dropbox by Email.

Just develop a brand-new recipe inside IFTTT (see the guide below) and email your papers to her IFTTT email address with the email topic as #DROPBOX. Your papers will show up in her Dropbox within a minute or 2 automatically.

Step 1: create a brand-new recipe inside IFTTT and set Email together the create channel.


Step 2: email triggers deserve to be triggered by one of two people sending an e-mail message come a certain email attend to (trigger or by sending an e-mail message v a details hashtag in the subject. We’ll pick the last option since it will enable us to configure additional email triggers (say for Google Drive and also SkyDrive) because that the same IFTTT account.


Step 3: The trigger should activate when the email message has actually #dropbox in the topic line. You have the right to use a various hashtag if you choose like #db or something you can easily remember.


Step 4: once the Email create has been setup, we’ll choose Dropbox as the activity channel. If you wish to upload papers to another cloud service, choose and activate that organization here.


Step 5: since we should upload papers by email, the activity should it is in “upload paper by URL” whereby the URL is that of our email attachment.


Step 6: In the critical step, don’t readjust the default settings. IFTTT will review the file attachment in the email message and will automatically upload the to her Dropbox folder. If girlfriend wish, you can change the default “save” ar inside the Dropbox folder.


Click the “Create” switch to save and also activate your “Upload to Dropbox by Email” IFTTT recipe. You deserve to create similar recipes because that upload fies come Google Drive and also SkyDrive by email.

Upload record to Dropbox by email - alternative Method

Here’s an alternating DIY an approach that allows you transfer papers to her Dropbox folders by sending them to an e-mail address. Prior to I obtain into the actual details, here’s a working demo:

The trick is simple.

Step 1. Setup a Gmail account that will end up being your Dropbox email address. Gmail allows you attach files as much as 25 MB in size but if you need to upload even bigger files, usage Hotmail.

Step 2. get the Mail attachments utility and also configure the such the it checks your Gmail account for brand-new email messages after every ‘n’ minutes.

This tiny energy connects to your email account via POP3 or IMAP and fetches any type of new record attachments native the inbox. It only downloads the attachments as separate files and also not the yes, really email blog post – that’s exactly what us want.

Step 3. set the “Save Location” within the letter Attachment utility to any sub-folder that your main Dropbox folder (you may speak to it “email-uploads”). Hit the close button to minimization the application to the mechanism tray and it will proceed checking for brand-new files in the background.

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That’s it. Compose an email message, connect some files and also send them to your Dropbox address. Within a minute, those records would become accessible in her Dropbox folder.

If you desire other human being to upload papers to her Dropbox folder, just share your Dropbox email deal with with them and reset it when the task is done!