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Facebook is a an excellent tool because that staying associated to friends and also it’s basic to digitally celebrate vital events with people there. But now numerous tools are obtainable that let girlfriend post an ext than “happy birthday” or “congratulations” top top friends" Timelines. Instead, you deserve to send them a physics gift.

Facebook Gifts

Facebook itself freshly announced a brand-new feature referred to as Gifts that lets you pick out things favor cookies, family members goods, T-shirts and also posters and send that to her friends. The looks like it will certainly be nice slick in a couple of ways.

First, you don’t require to understand a person’s deal with to send a gift. When Facebook lets the person know you’ve purchase one, he or she tells Facebook where to send it and if a various size, style or odor is needed. You can also opt to delay paying for an item until her friend accepts it as well as choose even if it is you desire to keep your gift personal or allow all her friends recognize you provided it.

Gifts isn’t set off for anyone yet, yet once the function is live, you can give a gift appropriate within the date of birth reminder in her news feed or by clicking on the presents tab top top a friend’s Timeline.


Treater allows you give Facebook friends spontaneous “Treats”—things choose a latte at Starbucks, an after-work cocktail, movie ticket or a massage. Every Treat is a one-time use payment card that can be redeemed as with a credit card because that gift items at stores, restaurants and also online. For now, Treater is combined with Facebook, but later this week, Treater is launching iPhone and Android apps that will usage your phone’s resolve book, so you can send a treat to someone using their email attend to or call number or provide it together a on facebook post.

When a gift recipient wants to redeem a Treat, the one-time-use credit transaction card pops up on the person"s mobile-device screen and the merchant manually start it into the payment register. As shortly as the Treat has actually been used, that vanishes from the recipient"s profile and any staying funds that were no used during the transaction room transferred to a Treater "Piggy Bank" for later use.

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The Wrapp social gift-giving company is cool since it lets you give cost-free and paid gift cards to facebook friends using your pc or smartphone. The cost-free gift cards room usually smaller amounts, such together $5 to invest at retailers together as gap or Sephora. You can send them as is, or add funds to make it a larger gift. And, if you don’t view a desirable free offer, you can buy gift cards come other vendors such as Levis, Zappos and also Banana Republic. The website and also iOS and Android apps attach with your facebook account and also tell you which of your facebook friends have actually birthdays today, this week and also in the comes months. You just pick someone, grab a gift card and choose to send it come them via email or on the person’s on facebook Timeline, in addition to a message. If you usage Wrapp on her smartphone girlfriend can supply the gift via message message, together well.