It i do not care a headache once it comes to send big files via WhatsApp. You should recognize that WhatsApp has actually a document size border of 16MB because that videos, music and images together well. However, the documents we transport in life space sometimes much larger than 16MB. Is over there a means to send big files ~ above WhatsApp?

The answer is over there is a means to help you achieve that. In this article, we are going to talk around 3 means to send huge files ~ above WhatsApp Android/iPhone. Moreover, you will certainly know how to move WhatsApp files between Android and iPhone. It additionally works on iphone 12/12 pro Max.

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Part 1: how to Send huge Files ~ above WhatsApp (Videos and also Audios Included)

When record videos or audios, us don"t treatment much around the size, as outside storage space is not a large concern for many smart phones. And also recording one HD video on Android or iPhone using the highest available settings would typical that also a 30 second video will certainly be easily about 15 to 20 MB in size.

Way 1: just how to Send lengthy Videos top top Whatsapp through Dropbox

To transfer or re-superstructure these documents you have the right to upload your documents to any kind of cloud business you favor to and also copy the download link. One well-know cloud business is Dropbox which can be downloaded to Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, PC and more. You can use the cost-free cloud services and its apps to share and also manage your files.

If you haven"t install Dropbox, download Dropbox for her Android/iPhone with the link listed below or native Google Play/App Store.

Then, follow the actions below:

From her smartphone, insanity the drop-down arrow on the Dropbox app, and also then choose Share.

A list will appear with Copy connect at the very top and a list of other mobile apps you have the right to use come share the connect with.

Dropbox because that iOS and also Blackberry should also work in a similar fashion.

Pic.- re-superstructure linkOpen your WhatsApp on your smartphone, find the human being you desire to re-publishing the large paper with from your contacts. Set up a conversation and paste the connect you just gain from Dropbox.When the attach is opened, the human being you common it v will have the ability to download the document to your own computer system or mobile phone.

Way 2: how to Send big Video top top WhatsApp through Google Drive

If you can not send big video top top WhatsApp, climate it"s time to use Google Drive. Google drive is a cloud server, that can assist you save any type of kinds that files, like big video files, audio files and much more. Girlfriend can easily send large video and audio documents with it. Listed below are the steps:

Open Google Drive, click the Plus symbol to upload your video or audio files.

Pic.- Upload filesOnce upload complete, push on the paper until you watch a pop-up message, pick the choice "Copy the link".Go come WhatsApp, paste the link you copied and also send the to your friend.

Way 3: just how to Send file Larger than 20MB via WhatsApp

You may recognize that WhatsApp can not send a record more than 16MB, if you don"t desire to usage the methods we noted above, then you have the right to have a try of video clip converters.

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As there are many online converter can aid to mitigate the video clip size, you have the right to simply find from Google, or shot these sites us have noted below:

Useful Tips: just how to transport WhatsApp in between iPhone and Android No Limitation

Some times, as soon as you acquire a brand-new iPhone or Android device, you might need to carry your WhatsApp data indigenous the old machine to the brand-new one. However, it"s no easy as soon as you have actually two an equipment with different system, that"s what we desire to talk below.

iCareFone because that WhatsApp carry is a great paper manage tool, you deserve to use that to control your iOS files easliy. And also transfer WhatsApp between Android & iOS, Android & Android, iOS & iOS. (iPhone 12 is supported now!)