This short article will display you "how execute I send large files via Dropbox". If you occur to require this, please keep reading below to learn how to send huge files or videos via Dropbox.


How to Send huge Files through Dropbox? 5 Ways

How can I send huge files digital for free? whether you're using a phone or a computer, you have the right to send large files via Dropbox, whereby we've gained 5 means to do it.

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Way 1. Use Dropbox Folder

How perform I send a big video paper via Dropbox indigenous PC? If you use the Dropbox client on your computer, there will be a regional folder named Dropbox. This folder deserve to not just be used to backup computer come Dropbox, yet you can additionally send files and also even videos with this folder.

Step 1. Navigate to her Dropbox folder on her computer.


Step 2. Pick the paper you want to send, right-click it, and select Share...


☛Note: Right-clicking on a Dropbox document will display screen a list of options, including the capability to see the paper on and view its version history.

Step 3. If you desire to send the paper to details people, go into each person's email address, and also click Share.


Step 4. You can also click Create link and Copy link, and also then paste it come the platform you want to send to.

Way 2. Use Dropbox App

How to send big files by Dropbox on your phone? Don't worry, we can also send files through Dropbox on mobile devices, even big videos.

Step 1. An initial download Dropbox on your device, activate, and also log in to her account.

Step 2. Select the Files tab at the bottom that the page, then uncover the file you desire to send, and click the more icon listed below the file.


Step 3. In the pop-up menu, select Share. Add your email address to the Send to field and also click Share link to give civilization permission to edit or check out the shared file.


Step 4. Girlfriend can also click Copy Link in the pop-up menu, and also then dough the connect to other platforms.


Way 3. Through Dropbox Web

Wondering exactly how to send a big record using Dropbox there is no a client? friend can additionally share links on the internet page to send big files such together videos.

Step 1. Go to and also log in, find the paper you want to send, and hover your computer mouse over the paper until you check out the Share button.


Step 2. Click Share, the window will pop up, climate click Create link in the reduced right corner. Come send come a certain person, add the email address in the To line.


Step 3. ~ the file link is created, click Copy link to copy it. By default, anyone v the link can watch this file, and you can also click Link setting to adjust the setting.


Step 4. Finally, paste the share link ~ above the platform you plan to share.

Way 4. With Dropbox Transfer

Besides, if you backup files come Dropbox, friend can likewise send records through the Dropbox deliver function. The dimension of the transferred papers depends on her plan: basic (free): 100MB; Plus: 2GB; Professional: 100GB; company Standard: 2GB; organization Advanced, Enterprise, or Education: 100GB.

Read the steps below to learn exactly how to send videos through Dropbox native a PC.

Step 1. Authorize in to, click Transfer, and produce transfer.


Step 2. Friend can include files to her transfer one of three ways: click the plus icon, drag and drop files from your computer, click Add native Dropbox.


Step 3. Click produce transfer. And also click Copy attach or Send v email after ~ creation.


Way 5. Use cloud back-up service

In addition to the over manual methods, you can also use professional cloud back-up tools to immediately upload large files come Dropbox. Us strongly recommend the you use the totally free, which deserve to easily assist you ago up any type of files native your computer system to your Dropbox space.

Step 1. Download, and launch the totally free It is registered a account and also log in to the organization for free.


Step 2. Under the My Storage tab come click Add Cloud, choose Dropbox, click the Add button to continue. The you need to sign in to your Dropbox account to enable to access Dropbox files.


Step 3. Under the Backup Tasks tab and click New Task.


Step 4. Modify the Task Name, click Add source to pick your big files that need to be backed as much as Dropbox, then click Add Destination > Single Cloud > Next > Dropbox > OK to pick Dropbox together the backup destination.

Step 5. Click Settings in the lower-left corner, under the Scheduled Backup tab to mite the Enable schedule backup, and also select the frequency or certain time that you desire to instantly backup pc to Dropbox.


Step 6. Finally, click Start Backup.


What If Dropbox's Cloud Storage room is Insufficient?

As a Dropbox user, you must have encountered insufficient storage an are in the procedure of making use of it. After ~ all, the 2GB cost-free quota is indeed fairly small, and the continuous subscription of premium packages will also cause troubles for users v an inadequate budget. Don't worry, now with, you have the right to solve the problem of insufficient back-up cloud room in two ways.

#1. Get more Dropbox Storage space for Free is a reliable company that not just provides experienced cloud back-up methods but likewise helps you incorporate cloud storage space in many accounts because that backup, and also you have the right to get much more cloud storage room for free.

Step 1. Authorize in to through your account.

Step 2. Click My warehouse > + > include Cloud to add as countless cloud drive accounts as possible.

Step 3. Now, all her cloud journey accounts are noted in My Storage. With just one login, you can allocate and make full use of their storage space. Click + > new Combined Cloud, pick the cloud cd driver you have to combine.


Now, girlfriend can ago up any paper to this complete combined Cloud.

#2. Backup huge files to Cloud

Using the, you have the right to also back up your large files indigenous the computer system directly to Cloud, which offers a large storage space, and the price is reduced than Dropbox. Girlfriend can completely back up regional data come the cloud to prevent loss. With a account, friend can try it now.

Step 1. Download and also install the desktop computer application, log in with her account.

Step 3. Click the New Task button under the Tasks tab, and then click Add Source to choose the local papers that demands to be donate up.

Step 4. Click Add Destination to pick Cloud. As soon as you're selected, click Start Backup to start the backup task.

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Final Words

How perform I send big files via Dropbox? The systems is currently in the article, including a complete of 5 methods, which can effectively assist us send huge files and also even videos with Dropbox. If together Dropbox users, we're looking for a means to get an ext cloud storage for free, don't forget to usage, i m sorry helps united state combine an are in lot of cloud journey accounts to back up crucial data.