Some swear by Mac and macOS, rather by PC and Microsoft Windows. Part find advantages such together graphic design and also service in ~ Apple important, while others attach more importance to the acquisition costs. One of two people way, everyone is totally free to decision which computer to choose. The industry shares are clearly distributed with practically 80% for home windows and around 14% for Mac. Users will additionally find the functionality interesting because both operation systems space different. This additionally becomes apparent when sending huge files – it’s a small easier to execute this on a Mac than on a PC!


Send large files – Mac with integrated compressor

If you want to send large files and also you have actually a PC, periodically you can’t stop compressing them. This calls for a so-called Zip program, i beg your pardon you have to download separately. This reduce the dimension of files so the you have the right to send castle by e-mail, because that example. This is important because e-mail providers have actually size limits. These are in between 20 and also 25 MB ~ above average, back there are some exceptions the even enable up to 100 MB.

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If you have actually a Mac, you deserve to send huge amounts of documents without downloading an extra zip application. The reason: macOS has an integrated compressor. This is exactly how it works:

In the Finder, choose the record or folder you want to send and also mark it.Now open up the context menu with the right computer mouse button and also click top top the command “Compress”.A zip save is then immediately created from your files, i m sorry you have the right to send through e-mail – if that is feasible in terms of size.

The archive can be opened up with any PC and also an proper Zip program.

Send huge files via Mac: Shrink images straight in the e-mail application

If you desire to send photos, Macs have actually a unique feature: the integrated e-mail application instantly resizes the photos – in three various sizes. Just add the images you want to send together an attachments to the e-mail. A food selection opens above the post area, permitting you to select smaller image sizes. You have actually the option of picking three smaller sized versions and also thus determine the size of the image yourself. That course, this just makes feeling if the recipient go not require the picture in their original size. Note: The e-mail program additionally sets a border of 20 MB once sending big files via Mac.

Send as much as 5 GB with Mail Drop


Apple’s e-mail applications offers one more special feature: the letter Drop function. If friend activate this, her data volume will boost from 20 MB come 5 GB. However, mail Drop does no send the files straight to the recipient, but they space stored temporary in the so-called iCloud. This is located on an Apple server and also is therefore identical come cloud solutions such together Dropbox & Co.

With the iCloud, girlfriend will receive a connect after carrying the records to the server, which you send to the recipient. The recipient deserve to then use the link to retrieve the files. That does not require Mail autumn or a Mac operating system. Attention: If you desire to send totality folders, you have to zip them first, together they cannot be sent out uncompressed.

Send large files via Mac – just one computer mouse click away through

What if you could send huge files from her Mac in simply one click? There’d be no have to zip documents or folders, and no megabyte limits. Through, girlfriend can easily upload and also send her files directly online, nevertheless of whether it’s photos, videos, text files or whole folders. Her data volume: approximately 100 GB!

Handling is easy because you deserve to send big data volumes of up to 5 GB there is no an account – completely free of charge. Upload, gain the link and done. Friend then pass on the produced link, together with a password, to the recipient, who have the right to retrieve the documents at any time. The end-to-end encryption is particularly secure, and also the large number the servers roughly the world is responsible for rapid transmission. If you use the service much more often, you can create an account in which friend will discover a clean administration, a timeline and tracking. This way, girlfriend have every little thing in view and can always see once your files were downloaded by the recipient.

The most vital questions and also answers around sending files via Mac

How can I send big files through my Mac?

Often, papers are so big that you can’t conveniently send them. Mac owner can benefit from the truth that the Apple operating system has a integrated Zip application, so you can automatically compress documents without downloading an outside app. Relying on their size, these zipped documents can then be sent via e-mail applications.

Can I mitigate the dimension of image in my e-mail program?

With a Mac, you can do that easily. If you’re sending large photos, you deserve to resize them directly in the e-mail applications – three smaller versions space available. Since the e-mail application just allows paper sizes of 20MB, over there are boundaries to what you can reduce.

Which possibilities do I have actually with letter Drop?

Mail Drop deserve to be activated straight in the e-mail program, providing you v the possibility to send files up come a size of 5 GB. However, these files do not end up directly with the recipient, but are loaded right into a cloud where they deserve to be accessed. Folders will still have to be zipped.

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How can I send large files through my Mac and also offers the easiest method: upload straight to their website. There is no an account, complimentary of charge and with a file volume of up to 5 GB, you have the right to send photos, videos, text documents and much an ext without having actually to compress lock yourself. Sending big files on her Mac is done in seconds and with preferably security. If you want to send files up to 100 GB, you can produce an account because that a fee.