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Tap and also hold a video clip in Google picture to check out the toolbar v a Share switch at the height of the screen. Dave Johnson/Business Insider


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In the pop-up window, madness "Create link." after a moment, you"ll view a message that the connect has to be copied.


use the "Create link" button to re-publishing your video with others. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

5. madness the application you desire to share the link in. Relying on the app, you should now see the connect pasted into the message, all set to send, or a list of contact you can select to send it to.

How to send huge videos on a Samsung Galaxy phone call by sharing a link

Samsung offers its own means to re-superstructure videos v a link, yet unlike Google Photos, Samsung generates a temporary attach — the video clip isn"t stored permanently in the cloud, so friend don"t have to have available online storage an are to execute this.

1. begin the Gallery application on your Samsung phone.

2. Tap and hold the video clip you want to share because that one to 2 seconds. When you lift her finger, you must see a toolbar in ~ the bottom that the screen.

3. tap "Share."


After choosing a video, tap "Share" at the bottom that the screen. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

4. In the list of apps, tap "Link Sharing."

5. In the pop-up window, madness "Copy" and then dough the connect in the app you want to use. Alternatively, you have the right to just insanity an app from the list in the pop-up window and the link will automatically show up in the selected app.


pick an app from the list to share your video. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

How to send huge video ~ above Android using various other cloud services

While Google picture is typically the most basic solution, you can not have actually enough accessible storage space to save your videos there, or you could opt no to sync with Google Photos. If that"s the case, you can use a different cloud storage service instead. You can share videos through Dropbox, OneDrive, or any type of other major cloud service.

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Both Dropbox and also OneDrive have actually the choice to immediately upload photos and also videos, much like Google Photos. After installing the application on her phone and setup the alternative for automatically uploads, you can select and share photos from within those apps.

OneDrive can instantly upload her videos to the cloud, whereby you can share links with various other people. Dave Johnson/Business Insider
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