Direct messages room a private message sent straight to a details user on Twitter, that nobody rather is able to see unless they have accessibility to the account. There are three vital things the you must know about direct messages:

You can only send a direct message come someone that you follow and also follows girlfriend in return.Direct messages room still topic to Twitter’s 280-character limit.You can only send approximately 250 straight messages a day - this do not do it be a problem, unless you’re a an especially chatty tweep.

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So how can you use straight messages on Twitter? Not just are castle a great way to privately attach with friends, however they can also aid generate leads and also drive website traffic to your website by engaging v potential client in a more discreet manner, rather than clogging up her Twitter feed v Tweets.

How come send a direct message

Sending a straight message is a super an easy process. As mentioned earlier, make sure before you effort to do this that you are following the user you’d choose to send a straight message to, and that they are adhering to you back. If they carry out not follow you, shot sending a polite Tweet
them asking if they could follow you so you can send a message. Then follow these steps:

Click the envelope icon, which need to be visible in the top-right that your navigating bar.A pop-up home window will appear, showing you the history of every your straight messages, select brand-new Message to begin composing a message.In the address box, form the surname or the username the the person you’d like to send a direct message to.If you’d favor to attach a photo to her message, click include Photo. Remember, due to the fact that direct messages are just visible to you and the post recipient, photos the you send through straight messages are also private.Type your blog post (don’t forget around the character limit!) and also click Send.

Though Twitter doesn’t educate you of once your direct message has actually been read, you can use (or any other trackable link tool) to monitor click-through rate from your straight messages to screen how frequently they room being opened up - this is particularly useful for marketers hope to branch the end in to Twitter campaigns.How come delete a straight message

Do you desire to clean up your straight message history and reach inbox zero? No problem. You can delete straight messages, back be aware that deleting the conversation will only delete points on your finish - the straight messages will certainly still be clearly shows on the recipient’s Twitter account.

Click the envelope icon to check out your conversation history.Find the direct message you desire to delete and hover end it v your mouse, a trash can will show up for you come click.Confirm that you want to delete the article - every done!

How to operation a straight message campaign

Nov 2017 - UPDATE: straight Message campaigns are no longer available. The new means to send automated direct messages is v Twitter Chatbot.

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Twitter marketing projects go far past just Tweets. Direct messages deserve to be provided for therefore much an ext than simply sending a private joke to your friend, lock can also be supplied as component of a considerable marketing campaign to make sure you’re targeting the best people. SocialBro can assist you v that. Our Twitter campaign tool allows you come target details followers within your ar to produce personalized straight messages. This level that personalization, combined with ours filtering options, enable you to create direct message campaigns for details segments that provide real results. Customizing your campaigns not only rises engagement, however it eliminates the spammy nature that can sometimes be associated with straight messages on Twitter.Hopefully we’ve covered everything you have to know about direct message in this an extensive beginner’s guide. Gained any an ext questions? permit us know in the comments!