Including video in email is a great way to drive email engagement and video play rates, yet it takes a small planning.

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This guide will carry out a clear and also easy indict for sending emails v a video clip and/or animated GIFs. We’ll likewise share the aspects of an excellent video emails and present 4 methods for adding video clip to her emails.

Watch the video below and also jump ahead to this section  for detailed instructions.

The must-haves for sending a video through email

Want come learn how to send a video through email? These space the two points you have to keep in mind:

An engaging intuitive preview

People are less likely to watch your video clip if you represent it together a lengthy URL link in an email.

Imagery is the best way to alert readers to a video clip in her email. Video is a intuitive medium, for this reason it just makes feeling to encourage it through images. No to mention, humans are visually oriented, so imagery is an ext likely to catch attention in a crowded inbox. Think around “clickability” when deciding how to present a video in one email. 


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In the instance above, that looks favor the video is installed into the email, but it’s really an animated GIF photo with a play button over it. An ext on this below.

Experience across email platforms

Email apps—or clients—are not created equally. They all have different ways of displaying emails and attachments. For best results, you have to try to give every recipient, no issue what client they use, the same email experience.

Here is a comprehensive source on just how email apps display screen content differently, and which varieties of video clip content come avoid.

By thinking around “clickability” and compatibility, you deserve to evaluate the best method for your service to send video emails.

4 means to email a video

Choosing your method for emailing a video depends top top what’s most essential to you. Perform you care more about a seamless video-watching suffer in the email, or space you more interested in gaining clicks to your site? exactly how much time can you invest on including videos come email? do you know exactly how to use HTML?

A video clip email example from Wistia

Link + image 

An engaging visual preview ✅Support throughout email clients ✅

Our recommended way to email a video is through linking an image or animated GIF. It provides email recipients an engaging preview of the video clip while still enabling them come click, watch your video, and continue exploring your site.

This an approach works really well for recipients who are reading the video email on your iPhone or various other mobile devices.

It works by including an image—either a thumbnail photo or an animated GIF—of your video clip in an email that links to a landing page. Be sure the video clip described in your email is at or close to the height of the web page you’ve linked.

Here’s exactly how you have the right to share a video through email with this method:

Add the photo of your video thumbnail to an email.Take a screenshot of your video thumbnail or by developing an animated GIF of your video and including a play button to it.Here’s how to download an animated GIF in Studio:


Insert the image or man GIF right into the email body.Link the photo to her video.

A GIF is effective, due to the fact that the computer animation will capture your reader’s attention. It is in careful, though: part clients choose Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 i will not ~ play the GIF.

Embed through HTML5

Another means to email a video clip is to embed it in the article so recipients deserve to play it ideal from the email. You can embed a video clip in an email by coding it right into the message through HTML5.


To embed a video in an email, you or a developer in ~ your agency will need to adjust the HTML5 code of your email utilizing these instructions.

When a video clip is properly installed in one email, it’s an ideal user experience—the recipient deserve to watch the video clip right from their email without needing to walk anywhere.

There are, however, a couple of downsides to this method. Not all email platforms support HTML5 videos:


Emails with installed videos space sometimes significant as spam, which makes the post unreadable because that recipients.

It’s additionally more challenging to drive email clicks v this an approach because a video that you deserve to play in the email can’t be connected to an additional website. The viewer could watch her video, but might no visit your website.

Attach an mp4 file

An engaging visual preview ❌Support across email client ❌

Instead of including a video preview or the video itself in the email, you deserve to opt come send the video clip as an attached document in her email.

The procedure for it is registered a video clip to an email is easy—simply click the “attach” switch (typically, the icon is a file clip), and also select the video record that you desire to attach.


This an approach is nice and simple, however it doesn’t market an engaging intuitive preview or drive clicks.

A solitary attachment doesn’t easily capture the attention of email recipients—they can easily miss out on the video clip unless they scroll to the bottom the the message and see the attachment. If you’re utilizing this method, be shot to include visuals of the video in the body of the email too to engage recipients.

Email marketing platforms carry out not assistance attachments, so emails v mp4 attachments should be sent from individual accounts. This technique is no a great way to send huge video files, together the common limit for a video paper across email clients is 20 to 25MB. To send huge video files to a small variety of people, shot a file sharing platform prefer WeTransfer.

One work-around is to send a huge video paper as an e-mail attachment v your client’s Drive. Gmail, because that example, uses the Google drive suite; Outlook has actually OneDrive.


While emailing a video as a drive-file attachment will permit you come send larger videos, this tactic will work-related only because that recipients who use that drive service—so the an approach is still limited in support across clients.

Attaching a video file doesn’t yes, really encourage recipients to proceed exploring her brand, either. Instead of visiting your website, they room opening one attachment.

With this limitations, the attachment technique may work for interaction with a small number of people who have the correct drive device for opened up your video clip file. However attaching a video clip to an e-mail is not recommended for getting to out come a huge number of customers, considering the file-size restrictions throughout clients.

Include a YouTube link

An engaging visual preview ✅Support throughout email client ✅ & ❌

If you include a YouTube URL in the body of a Gmail message, the video will appear as a playable attachment because that Gmail recipients. The URL will work-related for everyone, but only Gmail individuals will have the ability to play the video in the email. Because that those readers, this is a useful way to obtain your video played best away, in the email itself. That won’t work also for human being using other platforms, choose the Mail app on their iPhone or various other mobile devices.

On the flip side, this an approach doesn’t encourage web traffic to your site. Recipients who click on the attachment will be directed to the YouTube video page, therefore they may explore your brand an ext by poking roughly your company’s YouTube channel. However it’s unlikely that the video clip page will carry traffic come your site unless the video itself has actually a CTA button to your site.

This technique isn’t recommended because that a big number that recipients, as anyone using one more email platform will certainly see just the plain URL and most likely won’t be motivated to watch the video.


Email videos through your viewer in mind

Adding video to her emails is a reliable way to rise engagement from recipients. Marketing research shows that consisting of videos in emails continuously leads to greater open, click-through, and conversion rates.

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These results, however, take place only if your videos room emailed v the viewer in mind. Native your video clip display come support across email platforms, you need to weigh fairly a couple of factors to send a video that engages readers. Making use of this guide, friend can find a an approach for emailing videos that is obtainable and engaging and encourages viewers to attach with her content.