The simple tutorial elaborates how to send audio files through email in three various ways. Furthermore, because most email service providers have actually maximum attachment dimension limits, you deserve to compress huge audio records with the totally free audio dimension compressor:

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Email is a convenient strategy to send papers to your household members, friends and also colleagues. And also you"re able to connect files like videos, audio files and photos to an e-mail message however the size of the attachments are always limited. We have actually talked around how come send videos through email before. This particular day we"re going come talk about three ways of exactly how to send audio files through email and also show you exactly how to bypass best attachment border so the you deserve to share your big audio records with others without a hitch.

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Compress big Audio records for email

To email an audio document that over the maximum size limit, you deserve to compress the audio paper with WonderFox HD video Converter factory Pro. This routine will do a perfect balance between file size and output quality and also promises a an excellent audio top quality after compression. It"s simple yet powerful.

Part 1: exactly how to Send big Audio files

Before you send audio v email, you"d far better check whether the paper size above the maximum attachment limit. If you must upload one audio paper larger than the best attachment border of the email service, you can compress the record with one audio compressor like WonderFox HD video clip Converter factory Pro, upload the video to YouTube, or send the audio or music to Google journey for Gmail and also One journey for Outlook, climate share the audio link via email. So just how to email a song or other audio files? keep reading!

Part 2: Three means on exactly how to Send Audio files Through Email 

How to Send MP3 records Through Email

1. Gmail

Step 1. Log in onto or develop your account:

Step 2. Click the + symbol on the height left edge to open new Message.

Step 3. Include the email address of the recipient and kind the subject. Subject is a brief description of the email message, which help the recipient recognize what this email blog post involves.

Step 4. Click the affix files icon and upload her audio file. However if that exceeds the maximum attachment border of 25MB, it will provide you a prompt. In together a case, the can assist you upload the file to google drive and also generate a sharable link.

Step 5. Click Send come share the audio file.

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How to email Audio documents through Outlook

2. OutLook

Step 1. Go to this page:

Step 2. Develop a totally free account and enter her account.

Step 3. Click on the new message button, add the email deal with of the receiver and also subject. Then click the affix button and also select the audio you desire to share native your computer or One drive. The outlook"s maximum size limit is 20MB. If the audio record is too large to embed directly, you have the right to upload it to OneDrive in advance.

Step 4. ~ that, click on Send because that emailing audio files.

How to email MP3 papers Using Yahoo letter

3. Yahoo letter

Step 1. Open up this email service:

Step 2. Click Compose ~ above the upper left corner.

Step 3. Get in the email attend to of your recipient, and include the subject.

Step 4. Click on the paperclip symbol next come Send and choose a song record from her computer. Similarly, the maximum document size that Yahoo letter is set at 25MB. If your audio record is over 25MB, you have the right to upload the document to a cloud service and click ~ above the link icon, copy & paste the URL. Don"t desire to upload audio to the internet? friend can likewise compress the audio v an audio compression tool.

Step 5. Press Send to send the audio.

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This article has introduced three straightforward and renowned methods of exactly how to send audio records through email. As well as the techniques above, friend can additionally take advantage of other email organization providers come send audio records like music. And also most audio emailing tools are easy to use. If friend have any question on just how to send music through email or exactly how to compress files, feel complimentary to contact us!


Convert Video/Audio papers for email

WonderFox HD video clip Converter factory Pro is likewise a professional video converter the can assist you convert rare files to MP4, AVI, MPG, WMV, and 500+ digital formats and also devices. Moreover, that can help you cut, merge, crop video and audio, change video resolution, and other parameter settings.

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