This write-up will display you 4 solutions to exactly how to upload papers to someone else"s Dropbox with or there is no Dropbox accounts. Please review on to learn the detailed steps.


As among the most well-known cloud storage about the world, Dropbox has collected massive users, and also the transmission needs among Dropbox accounts also increased. For example, sometimes, users may need come upload records to who else’s Dropbox with or there is no a Dropbox account. If you occur to have this demand however don't know exactly how to upload records to who else's Dropbox or upload to Dropbox without account, you have the right to refer to the following components to find out three effective solutions.

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Solutions to upload records to someone else’s Dropbox

There are three options to just how to upload to who else’s Dropbox. The very first two remedies will show you just how to share or submit files in between Dropbox accounts with the functions of Dropbox. Contrasted with the last two indirect ways, the last solution is a direct way to transport files in between Dropbox account via a third-party cloud transfer business -, which likewise may it is in the easiest means among the three solutions. If you are not familiar with the attributes of Dropbox, you deserve to turn to the last systems directly.

Solution 1. Share files/folder of her Dropbox account through another

Sharing files can be taken into consideration as a means to upload documents from one Dropbox to another. Because the one through edit access of the shared files/folder can edit, comment, and also view files/folder from almost everywhere by making use of Dropbox. In addition, the changes they have actually made to the materials of the shared files/folder will be synced come everyone who has access the shared files/folder. Therefore, you deserve to share papers or folder of your Dropbox account v others to let them view and edit the papers freely.

Steps for just how to re-superstructure multiple files on Dropbox:

1. Go to and also log in to your Dropbox account.

2. Click Files in the left column. Then, float over the document or folder you’d like to share and also click Share.

3. Form the Email or name the the human being (or people) you’d favor to re-publishing with.


4. Click Share. They’ll receive an email with a connect to the file or folder.


Solution 2. Upload across accounts via the Shared link feature

Besides the an approach mentioned above, Dropbox offers you with an different solution to share files and folders in an less complicated way. You have the right to share a link of the record or folder from your Dropbox account to another account. Then, the user that receives the link can access and even edit documents in this folder.

If you must upload records to others' accounts, you can ask them come share this kind of folder with you. Yet some customers don't know just how to usage this role and asking "someone sent me a Dropbox connect how carry out I upload". Inspect out the instructions below to learn exactly how to use Dropbox to share files.

Follow the steps listed below to develop a re-superstructure link:

1. Go to and also log in to your Dropbox account.

2. Click Files in the left column. Then, float over the paper or folder you’d like to share and also click Share.

3. Click the Copy link. Then, a link will be developed automatically, you simply need to copy this link and send it come the individuals you desire to share records or the folder with.


Solution 3. Collect papers from civilization with record requests feature

“File requests” is a feature of Dropbox that enables you come collect and also receive files (up to 20 GB) indigenous anyone. Once someone clicks your file request link, all they have to do is select files from their computer, get in their name and also email and also click Upload. It is it—there’s no must sign in, for this reason anyone can add files, even if lock don’t have a Dropbox account.

It’s one easy means to acquire files. If you must upload files to who else’s Dropbox account, you have the right to ask lock to develop a file request and send a attach to you. Then, you have the right to upload the needed documents to their account v the link with or there is no a Dropbox account.

To create Dropbox document request:

1. Walk to and also log in to her Dropbox account.

2. Click Files > File request > Create a document request.


3. Enter a name for the folder the will store all built up files. You can see the route to the brand-new folder. If you'd favor to readjust the folder's location, click Change folder


✎Note: If you’re a Dropbox professional or company customer, girlfriend can add a deadline for these submissions.

4. You have the right to click Copy switch to copy the record request link and also send it to anyone you want to request papers from. Or, you can go into emails of the people you need records from and also send the document request directly from Dropbox. Click Done.



You’ll receive an e-mail whenever people upload files to your record request.

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All the files you collection are immediately organized right into a single Dropbox folder or Space. Just you can view papers uploaded through others, uneven you decide to re-superstructure them.

Solution 4. Back-up files between two Dropbox accounts directly via is an online backup service the can aid you back-up files in between Dropbox accounts. Through it, you can safely add and run multiple Dropbox accounts on simply one interface and create a backup task to back-up data between the Dropbox account directly and quickly.