Did you recognize you have the right to share a TikTok video link through someone that doesn’t have a tiktok account? friend can also share the links of your favorite videos with your pendant on various other social media accounts. In this guide, we’re walk to present you how to send the link to a TikTok video to anyone on your contacts list or other social media channels.

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Select the setting you’d like to send the video and dough the link. For example, come send the video clip via SMS, open up the messages app and then long-press ~ above the text area to paste the link.

(b) sending out the connect of a video From one more Account

If you desire to send a connect to a video clip posted by someone else, here are the steps:

Open the tiktok app and navigate to the video clip you’d choose to share.Open the video clip and tap ~ above the side arrow in the bottom right corner. This will screen all the accessible sharing options.
You can now paste the attach wherever you want.

How to SenHow to Send a link to a TikTok video clip on an Android Device

The TikTok app for Android is designed with convenience in mind. It lets you go ago and forth in between different creators, offering you the possibility to stay updated ~ above the newest posts from channels that issue most. Most importantly, it has actually the tools you should send web links if you want to share your favorite videos with friends.

(a) sending the attach of a video From her Account

One means to promote your content and also increase the visibility of your tik channel is by share your finest compilations as often as possible. TikTok makes it straightforward to generate and also send a attach of your video to anyone on your contact list. Let’s see how you have the right to send anyone a connect via her Android device. To illustrate, we’ll i think you’re sending out the link via on facebook Messenger.

Sign in come your tiktok account and also open the video clip you’d choose to share.Tap on the 3 horizontal dots in the bottom right corner to open up the contents sharing page. Right here you’ll check out all the available video clip sharing tools.
Open Messenger and navigate to the conversation whereby you’d favor to share the video.
Tap on “Send.”
Tap on “the “copy link” symbol under the “share to” submenu.
Tap and hold on the text input area and then select “paste.”

How come Send a link to a TikTok video on a PC

In the past couple of years, PCs have been fitted to support activities previously booked for smartphones. The TikTok application for PCs has been hailed as a dynamic, user-friendly device that gives TikTokers as great an experience as the mobile version.

First, let’s see just how you deserve to generate and send a attach to your own TikTok contents on a PC:

(a) sending out the connect of a video clip From her Account

Sharing your content with family and also friends or society media pendant is a surefire means to rise viewership and grow your fan base, especially if you desire to monetize her account.

Here’s exactly how you can send anyone a link to one of your videos if you’re running tik on a PC:

Open the TikTok desktop computer app and also sign in.
Tap top top the 3 horizontal dots in the bottom right corner. You need to see all the accessible video-sharing tools.Tap on “the “copy link” icon under the “share to” submenu.
Tap on the side arrowhead in the bottom right edge to beginning the video sharing sub-menu.

You have the right to now paste the link wherever girlfriend want.

Even if you don’t have the TikTok desktop app on her PC, you can still generate links and share them wherever you want by signing into your account on the main TikTok website.

Send Links and Let her Videos go Viral

TikTok can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re listening come the latest songs, coming up through captions because that hilarious findings on Snapchat, or creating GIFs the end of your favorite movies, nothing should stop you from producing engaging and exciting content that will peak the charts.

One means you deserve to make your tik videos go viral is by share them widely. This will allow more people to find and also like your content. Sending web links to her family, friends, and also associates deserve to be a good starting point. If you’ve got a large social media presence external of TikTok, links existing the perfect method to an increase your visibility and also increase overall user engagement.

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Do you love TikTok? have you make the efforts sending links to her videos to your friends? allow us understand in the comments ar below.