You’ve obtained a record to share—a substantial document, video clip presentation, or set of images. Friend can’t simply email it, since you’re running up versus your—or her recipient’s—email size limit. Here are several means you can share large files over the internet.

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We’re going come look in ~ a couple of different ways you deserve to get big files to someone, and also they’re all beneficial in different situations. Possibly it’s a one-time thing, and also you simply need to get a paper to who quickly. Or maybe it’s something you’re going to must do regularly. Every little thing your needs, we’ve gained you covered.

You Might have the ability to Use email After All

Most email services—especially this firm services—place borders on the dimension that article attachments have the right to be. And also that can certainly be annoying.

Even mainstream email providers prefer Gmail,, and Yahoo don’t support sending very big files. Gmail and also Yahoo both have a 25 MB limit, while Outlook borders you come 20 MB. Despite their limitations, these email providers commonly offer a workaround because that large paper sharing utilizing cloud share services.

If you shot to send a paper that’s too huge in Gmail or, you’re instantly given the chance to upload that document to the corresponding cloud services (Google Drive and OneDrive), and then incorporate a link to the paper in her email.


Let’s take it a closer look at Gmail, for example. After you write a blog post in Gmail, you’re offered the chance to attach a file. If Gmail determines that the record is also large, you’ll get a article like this:


If you click the “OK, gained It” button, Gmail immediately uploads the paper to Google Drive and prepares a connect to encompass in her message. As soon as you send the message, you’re offered the chance to modify the permissions of the document before the post is sent. This can be comfortable if your document contains sensitive data. Google support uploading papers up come 5 TB in size, as lengthy those records are no converted come a Google doc, on slide show, or spreadsheet. In those cases, the upload border is 50 MB because that docs and slide shows, and 100 MB for spreadsheets. And, of course, you’re minimal by the amount of space you have actually in your Google drive account. Typically, though, it’s sufficient for most files.

Much like Gmail, provides their very own workaround because that large paper sharing using their OneDrive cloud storage service. In this case, that doesn’t take place automatically. You’ll should upload the paper to OneDrive first, and also then you can include a link to the in your email. OneDrive limits uploaded record size come 10 GB.

Yahoo doesn’t have a specialized file sharing service, however it dram well v others. Friend can attach a DropBox account to Yahoo in your DropBox settings, or usage a similar cloud service. Store in mental that as with Yahoo, many email service providers support plugins for your favorite cloud services.

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Compress Your document If It’s just a small Too Big


If you have actually a record (or set of files) that’s just a small too big, you can always shot compressing the document and then sending that over email. What walk zip the data mean? Let’s take it a look.

Compression devices compress her data right into a new document that bring away up less disk space. Just how much you deserve to compress data relies on what kind of data friend have. You can regularly compress things like Office documents and also PDFs a pretty good bit. Documents that currently have compression constructed in—like numerous image formats—won’t compress much at all. You have the right to compress a entirety folder full of files into a solitary compressed document that’s simpler to relocate around.

Both Windows and macOS have built-in compression tools, but 3rd party tools choose WinZip and also 7-Zip (our favorite) offer extr advantages. You can encrypt and also password protect your compressed file, because that example.

You can also use those tools to break apart a zip document into many parts. If you have a really big set that files, you can break up the compressed papers into parts that you have the right to send via email. The recipient can then use the exact same tool to quickly reconstitute the parts right into a single file on the other end. Although, to it is in honest, break up a compressed paper like this deserve to be sufficient hassle the it’s normally worth feather into better options, favor a cloud warehouse service.

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So What around Cloud Storage?


There room dozens that cloud storage solutions out there. Many offer a complimentary level of company where you gain some storage space, and also paid levels wherein you can gain more. You deserve to use any kind of of them to share large files. All you need to do is upload your record and then administer the recipient with the download link. If you’re sharing papers regularly through someone, you have the right to even produce a shared folder so they deserve to grab anything friend drop right into it without you having actually to provide links all the time.

There space the evident cloud storage providers, that course—Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive, and also DropBox. There space others, too—like Mega—that provides lots of an are for complimentary and room intended for helping you share huge files.

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Take her time looking for a equipment that works ideal for you. Each of them offer their own advantages and add-on features. And every one of them have actually at the very least some level of cost-free storage, do them straightforward to shot out.

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You can Use FTP If You have actually a Server and also Need to Transfer documents Often


For few of the much more tech savvy readers out there in require of a regular paper sharing tool, FTP is the means to go. FTP, or record Transfer Protocol, is another means to share files, large and small, over the internet. Also if you not acquainted with the hatchet FTP, you’ve most likely used the when downloading a digital product or torrent online.

You can collection up one FTP server on your very own computer, however you’ll need to open that computer up come the net so that people can access it to download files. You’ll likewise need to leaving that computer system on every the time, and you may want to check if your ISP places any type of restrictions on to run a server. If you already have one internet-connected server (maybe you rental a net server for hosting a website, because that example), girlfriend can virtually always collection up one FTP server that means and not have actually to attend to some the those issues.

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There space plenty of totally free FTP commodities that allow you to setup and also manage a server or take benefit of their established server. One FTP server is similar to a cloud organization in the you can store data there. Friend can carry out someone credentials to login and download the file, or maybe even send them a link to accessibility it. A couple of of the more well known FTP commodities include FileZilla, core FTP, and CyberDuck. If you’ve gained the resources, try setting one up!

For Truly big Data Sets, Maybe just Mail someone an exterior Drive


External drives room pretty cheap this days. This western Digital 2 TB drive, for example, selling for just $65. If you need to obtain a really huge set of data to someone, you can be far better off simply copying the data come an exterior drive, and then sending it come them in the mail. Girlfriend can constantly have lock return it once they’re done.

While the assumed of world waiting for a drive to come in the mail might put girlfriend off, you need to weigh that hold-up against the difficulties of transferring large sets that data over the internet. Even with a fast connection, uploading and also then downloading and install a terabyte that data can take fairly a while. And it’s likewise likely come eat through any kind of data cap her ISP can impose.

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You can additionally encrypt the journey if you’re concerned around privacy. Windows Professional and also macOS both come totally free encryption tools, however for something choose this us recommend the cost-free VeraCrypt utility. VeraCrypt renders it really simple to develop an encrypted container and fill that with everything you want to protect.