File sizes room exploding, and also with the comes the challenge of just how to quiet send castle in a quick, secure manner. In the sense, figuring out exactly how to send huge videos have the right to seem choose an virtually impossible task. This is a far-reaching pain suggest for freelancers, hobbyist video clip editors, post-production houses, and broadcasters alike as workflows continually it is adapted to digitization.

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A recent 4K Shooters short article points out that a single hour of 4K clip is a lining 318 GB, and also those record sizes don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Therefore, we need to learn to it is adapted to transforming times and also burgeoning paper sizes.

4 Proven Methods: just how to Send big Files

Method 1: MASV sped up Cloud SolutionMethod 2: increased UDP solutions (Aspera, Signiant, paper Catalyst)Method 3: Shipping a tough DriveMethod 4: Cloud services (WeTransfer, Dropbox)

So, how do you collaborate on tasks with geographically distant partners? Alternatively, what carry out you do when a client asks for few of their raw footage? having actually a filesharing system in ar that’s not just future-proofed for larger sizes but additionally security, user-friendliness and seamless procedure is critical.

In this handy guide, we’ll assist you figure out just how to deliver video clip files that room time-sensitive and larger than 20 gigabytes. You could be surprised to discover that there are several suitable alternatives to choose from.

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Method 1: MASV accelerated Cloud Solution

A quick and also easy method on exactly how to send big videos is through an increased cloud solution choose MASV – document transfer solution. All you need is an net connection.

This is a great option when you don’t have time for restrictions and also need the fastest, most sturdy solution. MASV was built specifically for video and post-production experts who should send huge videos under a deadline. MASV sends out videos as rapid as her internet connection can handle and also at prices equivalent to shipping tough drives—without the linked risks (or trips come FedEx)!

As an increased cloud solution, MASV no require dedicated software and can send records quicker than many competitors. It’s additionally user-friendly and enables you to send as lot data as required without any file size or bandwidth roadblocks.

Billing is simple at just $0.25 USD every gigabyte in a pay-as-you-go model, which also includes 10 job of storage for your delivery. We decided pay-as-you-go end subscription after ~ talking through businesses in the media and entertainment space. Your insights to be invaluable, informing united state that their organization is commonly project-based and monthly deliver volume often tends to fluctuate significantly from month to month. MASV is fast and also efficient through the use of our patented, cloud-based TCP acceleration technology, which guarantee the product requires no technical expertise or hardware/software installation.

In test comparing MASV come UDP solutions prefer Aspera, we commonly transfer at 90 percent of your net connection’s speed, i m sorry is only about 10 percent slower than what you would see v UDP options. This to be an intended trade-off, applied to do our organization much less complicated to use and set up than any number of UDP counterparts. MASV still requires you to have a decent net connection, together we can not send data much faster than the quantity of bandwidth you have available, yet this uses to every standard and also non-standard services in the industry.

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Very fastEasy to useAffordableEasy to implement and also manage


Slightly less speedy and also efficient contrasted to UDP, but less risk-prone

There you have it, four great methods because that sending big video files! If the final option understand you, note that MASV supplies a 7-day free trial whereby you can shot sending 100 GB of complimentary data during that period. Authorize up below and get began today, and also happy transferring! for all various other details top top MASV, feel free to contact our team. Looking front to helping you join the digital revolution!

Happy Transferring!

MASV is an accelerated record transfer service that specialization in sending large video records over the web as a replacement to shipping hard drives through FedEx. This testimonial is to plan to fairly explain the different methods available for transferring big files and the considerations for each merchant in the space. We have tested and also benchmarked each tool and conducted countless surveys with videographers around the civilization to recognize the pros and also cons that each solution which is mutual with friend above.