So, you desire to learn how to send a video clip through email? You currently know the services of video email (like this results), but now the time to actually gain started. Well, you have lots of options.

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There are plenty of ways to email video clip files today, for this reason we’ve small it down to three of the top ways to perform so:

Watch the video below and keep analysis to learn exactly how to email a video clip using each of this methods…

3 ways to Send video clip in Email

Send a video clip Using the Screenshot Method 

To send videos through email, you must record and also host lock somewhere.

What you will do it need: 

 A video clip recorder – such together a webcam, smartphone, or DSLR camera A place to host your video — prefer YouTube, Vimeo, or any kind of other video hosting platform

Cost: Free-ish

Here’s just how to send a video through email using the Screenshot Method:

1. Record a video

Shooting your video can be as basic or facility as you desire it come be. You deserve to use a webcam, DSLR camera, camcorder, smartphone, tablet, or any other camera. Then, you’ll want to upload it onto your laptop or desktop computer computer.

2. Upload your video clip for hosting

Upload your video clip to her preferred video hosting platform. If making use of YouTube, be sure to note your video clip as unlisted if the is for a specific audience. The way, only the person you send it come will be able to see it.

When it’s ready, copy your video link. You’ll need it in the next step.

3. Take it a screenshot of her video

Use the “Control/Shift/4” duty on a MacBook pro to attract out a box of the video clip frame you desire to capture and screenshot it. If you’re utilizing a PC, inspect out this step-by-step instructions for recording screenshots.

4A. Send your video email native a official marketing platform

You could use, MailChimp, consistent Contact, a preferred CRM, or similar. To do this, open the email composer within your platform, include your screenshot together an image, then attach the photo to her YouTube video.

When you send a video in email this way, it’ll come looking something like this…

4B. Send a video from her day-to-day inbox (if possible)

Note: relying on your email service provider, you might not be able to add a screenshot within your email, or connect it come the held video. If this is the case, you’ll need a paid company — a official email company provider — to do both that those successfully.

As with an e-mail marketing platform, drop your screenshot into a new email in your continual email inbox, then shot to link it to YouTube.

If using Yahoo, photos will only send as attachments, so the won’t work. V Gmail, however, friend can properly insert an image. Simply insert your screenshot, choose or highlight your video, click the hyperlink button, and link it to your video.

5. Her recipient’s click-through sends them come YouTube

Because she linking the screenshot to a YouTube or Vimeo video, that’s whereby they’ll watch her video.

When they finish watching the video on YouTube, a similar video will certainly appear. In many cases, this videos will certainly not come from your account.

Important come Know 

 Your recipient might not get a screenshot linking to her video. Your recipient will likely be taken away from your video clip email, her call-to-action, and also your contact information to clock the organized video. By producing your own landing web page with the hosted video clip embedded in it, you’ll have much more control end the video playback experience. Of course, that will add more steps and also time come the process.

Recommendation: If you’re going to use the Screenshot Method, usage a formal email platform. It’ll offer you open and also click information, and you’ll have the ability to link your video from her screenshot. This is why this an approach is “free-ish.”

How to Send a video clip Through Email through the mobile Method


What you will do it need: 

 A smartphone

Cost: Free

1. Document a video on your phone

Take the end your smartphone and record!

2. Usage a “Share” or “Email” function to send a video clip by email

Your technique will vary relying on which phone friend have and also which operating device it’s running, however sharing a video clip is nearly identical to sending out a photo — by email, in a text, or to social.

3. Type in any added text and also send 

You’re done. Maybe.

Is this technique convenient? Relatively, yes. It requires much fewer procedures than the Screenshot Method.

However, space you able come send a video clip and track? No. And also there space numerous additional pitfalls, including…

 There’s no method to regulate the video thumbnail image in the email (which means there’s no smiling face in her message.) The video clip is one attachment, which looks suspicious. Your recipient has to download the video clip in full and also open up a player to view a single second of her video. Your email client, as well as your recipients’, has to be able to handle an attachment that large. If the does, uploading that attachment could take a lengthy time. Smartphone cameras record huge video files these days. Because friend don’t gain tracking ~ above this send, you can’t be certain it was received. This one is subjective yet fair — the attachment looks and also feels much more suspicious and less dependable than a proper video thumbnail image.

How to email a video clip Using our Recommended pro Method 

Many video email services have actually been designed and also built to boost this process. Video email software enables you to conveniently record, send, and also track videos native Gmail, your mobile phone, or the communication itself.

By making use of a video email platform, you’ll conserve time, enhance recipient video playback experience, keep your video adjacent to your contact to action and call information, and also get tracking and analytics.

What you will do it need: 

 A camera A video email platform

Cost: Price that a paid video email communication subscription

A Pro method approach will keep all your analytics under one roof – opens, clicks, plays, video clip heatmap, live notifications, connection scores, Gmail tracking, and more. Girlfriend know specifically who’s engaged with what you’re sending – and also when to monitor up.

You’ll also be may be to straight your recipients to more actions you desire them come take with clickable calls-to-action best within your video.

Here’s exactly how to send video clip through email making use of this method:

Send video clip in email from platform service

If your video clip email software has actually a “Quick Send” feature, you should have the ability to record your video, kind any accompanying text, and also send it every from one screen, like this…

In, for example, these room the steps you require to email video clip messages with fast Send:

1. Click the red record button on the top right corner, and also the fast Send display will pop up.

2. Through “Options” in the top right, you have the right to pick different email designs, set live notifications, and more.

3. Click to start or stop recording. Set your thumbnail. Include any message you want. Create a clickable CTA to show up as soon as your video plays. Then, send it!

How to send a video clip email from your Gmail inbox

Most video email platforms integrate with Gmail, together it’s one of the most popular email business providers out there. That method you have the right to record and send her videos best from her Gmail Inbox.

Learn exactly how to send a video clip through email in Gmail below, making use of

1. If girlfriend haven’t already, download the Google Chrome Extension.

2. In any kind of “Compose” or “Reply” home window within Gmail, click the little logo to open up the video recorder.

3. Click to begin or stop. Then, click to snap a thumbnail if girlfriend want. Otherwise, an man preview will automatically generate because that you from the first few seconds of your video. Include any text you want, and also then send it!

All sends are tracked for you within her Gmail get mailbox (with notifications available across multiple platforms).


How come send video through email from her mobile device

Use your video clip email software’s mobile application to record and email your videos ideal from your mobile device wherever, whenever. These room the step-by-step directions for doing so through the cell phone app:


1. If girlfriend don’t have the mobile app on your phone already, download it from the iOS app Store or Google play Store.

2. Open the app and click to prevent or start recording. Girlfriend can even pause record in between and also switch between front and also back-facing cameras. Her animated preview will generate once you’re done recording, or you have the right to snap a thumbnail (see just how it’s done).

3. Select if you’d favor to text, email, or share your video. Next, add any message you’d favor to include, climate send.

Bonus: for an even easier way to send videos, open your mobile app, click the settings icon on the lower-left edge of her screen, climate click keyboard instructions because that step-by-step key-board set-up guidance. As soon as enabled, you’ll have actually the option to usage as a keyboard within your mobile device. So, you’ll be able to send or article a video link from your video library wherever you occupational on her smartphone – whether it be text messages, LinkedIn, and also beyond.

How the Pro technique Stacks Up against the various other Methods

Wondering how the Pro method compares come the other approaches we discussed? If so, this is how:

Pro versus Screenshot Method 

The Pro an approach eliminates the measures of the Screenshot an approach by keeping video recording, video clip hosting, thumbnailing, clickable CTAs, and also sending all under one platform. You have the right to record and send the video clip in one pass, so…

 Fewer actions are forced – recording, thumbnailing, and also sending space together. Video hosting is built-in, therefore no different tools or platforms are needed. Landing web page is built-in, therefore your video clip plays v your branding, call info, and also call to action with no extra effort on your part. Custom thumbnailing offers you finish control of what you’ll look prefer in her recipients’ inbox. Every it bring away is the snap that a photo.

Pro versus Mobile Method

Your video email software’s mobile app for iOS or Android eliminates the difficulties of the Mobile an approach in the exact same way. You can record and also send video by email in one motion, plus…

 Your video clip is smart-streamed, fairly than attached. So, no downloading and install is necessary to watch – just click and play. This is perfect if you’ve to be struggling to number out exactly how to send huge videos. Your video clip email have the right to have a thumbnail photo in Android or iOS. Your video automatically sends in a practice email design of her choosing. Inspect out these video clip email templates.

Use the Pro method for Effective and also Quick video clip Email Delivery

We’re often asked, “Can’t I just do this myself? The prize is: Yes, however execution and also results room a little bit unpredictable and far-reaching time, effort, and also skill space required.

So, why carry out you need a video clip email platform?” It saves you time and allows you to see exactly how to monitor up in real-time.

If you want to get confront to confront with more people, an ext often, video email will assist you acquire there.

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Are you all set to implement video clip email in her day-to-day organization communications? examine out our post on how, when, and why come use video clip email below. You’ll even be able to access some custom video email action plans to obtain you started.