Read prior to You Mail! guaranteed to conserve Time, Money & your Sanity

When it concerns wedding invitations envelopes postage & mailing are important factors to consider first, last, and also throughout the entire process. Prior to you run off to the post office, review these 10 advice on invitation mailing. Castle will conserve time, money, and hassle and aid get her invites to her guests in great shape and also on time.

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1. Postage Revolves around Envelopes – pick Envelopes First!

Before you architecture your invitations, be certain you have envelopes to letter them in. This might seem obvious, yet all too frequently this vital tip is overlooked.

Invitations deserve to be made in any type of size, but envelopes space made only in conventional sizes. Back an invitation can be changed to fit an envelope, and also envelope have the right to not be altered to fit one invitation. You carry out not desire to complete your invites and also find out there is no envelope accessible to mail them in – and also if you’re thinking around getting tradition envelopes made, think again. Uneven you room requesting thousands of them, you would be tough pressed to uncover someone to make them for you.


2. Recognize Envelopes the “Odd Sizes” Require extr Postage

If you are concerned around wedding postage, be aware that envelopes of unexplained shapes and sizes (square envelopes, many commonly) require additional postage.

The United says Postal business has particular shape and size parameters that envelopes must fall within to be taken into consideration “normal” or agree for standard postage. Any kind of envelopes that fall external of these parameters deserve to not be run v automated sorting machinery, and also are as such charged a “non-machinable surcharge” – 21 cent a piece*

To prevent the surcharge, stick to the “normal” rectangles. Postage because that an A7 (5×7) envelope, because that example, is traditional (barring weight).

3. Envelopes Weighing end 1 ounce Require additional Postage

Any envelope weighing end 1 ounce will certainly require added postage regardless of size or shape. Generally by the time you litter in a invitation, solution items, and also any extr info cards, many wedding invitations will weigh over 1 ounce.

If you space concerned around postage, there room some procedures you can take to keep the price down. Learn about them in this video:

What dimension Wedding Invitation should I make to keep the Price that Postage Down

4. Take benefit of 2oz. Wedding Stamps – They’ll save You Money & They’re Pretty


Wedding stamps are another good tool for maintaining postage prices down. They were designed with bulkier wedding invitations in mind, and an ext importantly, they’re lot prettier than the median stamp – cakes & flowers over flags & bells – so take advantage!

One 71 cent* wedding stamp is great for approximately 2 ounces (instead the paying because that 2 stamps). The USPS also offers a 1 ounce wedding rubber stamp for 50 cents.*

* current USPS postage prices in February 2018

5. Pay attention to Sealing – do Sure whatever is an excellent & Stuck

Before sending out your invitations on their way, be sure every little thing is correctly sealed – and we’re not just talking stamps come envelopes, but the envelope itself too.

The more enclosures you have inside her envelopes the closer attention you have to pay come sealing. Make sure the gum seal is secure all the means around, or her envelope might open in route.

6. Have actually Invitations prepared to mail 6-8 main in Advance

Yes, this guideline is more than likely one you’ve heard a hundreds times, yet a reminder never hurts. Have your invitations ready to letter at the very least 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding. This provides invitations sufficient time come arrive, and your guests enough time to respond.


7. Carry One finished Ensemble come the short article Office Determine vital Postage

After friend send your invites out, you desire your answer cards come come back, but not the entirety thing! bring one complete invitation to the post office before mailing to stop them being retuned because of inadequate postage.

8. While You’re in ~ the post Office, Send you yourself a Test

While you’re at the post office, mail yourself a test invite. This is just a way to twin check the your invitations truly do have actually adequate postage. It additionally gives girlfriend an idea the what they’ll look prefer upon arrival and also an opportunity to make changes, if necessary. For example, perhaps that ribbon should be tied a little tighter, or probably you should throw in a item of wedding tissue to prevent smudging.

9. Double Check Addresses

Be certain to usage full, accurate addresses on every envelope. Below are some tiny thing to double check (it never ever hurts):

Correct order of street and city namesCorrect zip codes and also state abbreviation (if friend must abbreviate)Include directionals – for example West main Street, South CherryvilleInclude any apartment/unit numbers

10. Inquiry Hand Cancellation at the write-up Office

After every the difficult work, you desire to make sure your invitations arrive in the best feasible shape – no torn, bent, or significant up by high rate sorting machinery.

The best means to defend your invites from machinery is to request invitations be hand cancelled at the short article office. This way that rather of being aggressively operation through and also stamped (cancelled) through a machine, they will certainly be stamped through hand.

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Hand cancelling is pretty common practice for formal invitations. It is something her local post office branch will be acquainted with and should have no problem doing because that you; but be prepared, in some cases, you might be asked come hand release your own invitations – well worth the extra 20-30 minutes this may take you.