Gmail is just one of the popular and widely provided email services throughout the world. If you usage Gmail frequently to send files, you may understand that it has actually an attachment limit of 25 MB. Except this, you cannot attach folders straight to Gmail. This write-up guides girlfriend on how to send folders and big files v Gmail.

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Now, you have the right to easily attach this compressed folder come Gmail and also send it to the recipient. This an approach has a limitation the you can’t attach a folder exceeding 25 MB in size.

2> Send a Folder via Google Drive

If your folder exceeds the Gmail attachment limit, you can send it via Google Drive. Unequal Gmail, friend can directly upload a folder to Google drive without compressing it. For this, go to Google Drive and click top top “My journey > Upload Folder.”
After uploading the folder to Google Drive, right-click top top it and select “Get link.” Now, copy the link and also send it to the recipient through Gmail. This will certainly share the folder in her Google Drive through the recipient. Prior to sending the mail, you can choose whether the recipient can edit, comment, or only view the shared folder. If you do not desire the receiver to change the common folder, store the settings to the default, i.e., check out only.After receiving the mail, the recipient can download the folder by clicking on the link.Read: how to send blocked files on Gmail.

How come send big Files through Gmail

You have the right to send huge files via Google Drive. Walk to Googe Drive and click top top “My journey > Upload files.” select the file to upload. ~ uploading the file, right-click on it and select “Get link.” now copy this link and also mail it to the receiver. The receiver of this mail have the right to download the file by clicking on the shared link. Using this technique, you have the right to send big multimedia documents like videos, audios, etc., through Gmail.
That’s it. Nothing forget come share her views in the comments.Read posts:Gmail not sending out or receiving emails.How to save attachments from Gmail to Google Drive.

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