The complying with guide provides instructions on transforming then homepage of the Mozilla Firefox net browser. The homepage is the very first page that individuals see once they open the internet browser, and also when they click the Home button on the Firefox toolbar.

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Mozilla lots a very first Run suffer on the very very first start of Firefox, which provides some customization options. The default homepage that Firefox is the very same as that of the new Tab page.


If girlfriend don"t check out the Home button in Firefox"s interface, pick Menu > Customize Toolbar to open the user interface customization alternatives of the browser. Situate the home icon on the page, and also drag & drop it on the toolbar to location it there. Girlfriend may also use it to remove the Home switch from the toolbar in instance you don"t usage it.


If you prefer to use the keyboard, use the key-board shortcut Alt-Home to fill the homepage that the Firefox browser.


Firefox supports setup different pages for the homepage in the interface.

Setting or changing the Homepage in Firefox

Here is the quickest option:

Load about:preferences#home in the Firefox address bar.Locate "Homepage and new windows" under new Windows and Tabs on the page.Use the menu to adjust the default homepage.

Tip: girlfriend may additionally activate the settings symbol on the homepage to run to the page, or select Menu > alternatives > home to display screen it.

Firefox supplies three alternatives for the homepage:


Firefox house (Default) -- this is the browser"s new Tab Page and also the default selection.Custom URLs -- select one or multiple webpages as the new homepage by keying or pasting URLs, utilizing the pages that room open currently in Firefox, or by utilizing pages from the bookmarks.Blank Page -- Firefox display screens a white page without content.

Tip: to add more than one practice URL, use | as the separator, e.g. To include and, you"d kind| in the field. You can make the homepage in Firefox, if friend want.

When you open a new window in Firefox, the homepage or pages collection as the homepage are loaded (not in exclusive Browsing Mode). Also, when Firefox is starting, that is loading the homepage by default also unless you have actually configured the web browser to reclaim the critical session.

Advanced Firefox Homepage transforming options


Advanced users may change the homepage making use of configuration documents or about:config. All alternatives are detailed and it may be beneficial for users and administrators who desire to configure the homepage for regulated devices.

Load about:config in the Firefox deal with bar.Confirm the you will be careful.Search for browser.startup.homepage.

The preference"s value sets the homepage. simply double-click into the value ar to make it editable, and include your preferences.

Firefox residence (Default) -- type about:home to regain the default homepage the the Firefox browser.Custom URLs -- usage the exact same syntax together in the field in the Settings. Usage | to separate addresses.Blank Page -- form about:blank to set a empty homepage without content.

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Tip: girlfriend may collection other internal Firefox pages as the homepage, e.g. About:config, about:downloads, about:profiles, or about:telemetry.