JoJo Siwa iTime children Smart Watch, 40 mm, Pink her all-time favourite is here! JoJo Siwa iTime Kids’ clever Watch v a multi-printed rubber strap and square pink case. Functions 3 wallpapers, 10 clock faces, alarm/timer/stopwatch, 6 games, take self photo/video camera, voice recorder, calculator and more!

Getting Started:When making use of your iTime Playzoom for the first time, girlfriend will need to an initial fully fee the watch. A complete charge will certainly take around 2 hours.

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Police PupRemember the blue arrows that display up because that a few secondsat the beginning of the game! usage your remarkable memory tohelp save the day by guiding Police Pup to the robber. If youCatch the robber 5 times, you knife the police badge.

HoopsTap the display to throw the ball, however watch out! The hoopmoves earlier and forth. You have 90 seconds to make as manyshots together you have the right to , yet if you miss out on too many shots, the gameis over.

Police ChaseA robber has actually stolen money and also they’re dropping that asthey escape indigenous the police. Swipe the display screen to movethe police automobile left and right and also pick up as lot money together youcan there is no crashing into the various other cars.

Ninja ClimbThe yellow and also red ninjas are coming because that you. Swipe left orright to avoid them. Swipe when to swing come the other sideof the rope or swipe double to swing come the following rope over.

Sky AceEnemy fighters are flying towards you. Protect the sky bytaking them out of the skies without crashing!


Learning Games

Math WizardThe math Wizard will current to girlfriend a series of mathequations. Tell him which ones are right and also which onesare wrong, so you can come to be the next Math Wizard.

ZooLearn the animal names and then take it a quiz. Just how manyanimals do you recognize at the zoo?

Time QuizRead the clock and also select the exactly time. The video game willcontinue until you price incorrectly.

Color MasterRead the color name and choose the equivalent color.

Active Games

Jump through MeTap “Jump” every time friend jump, and the frog will certainly jump with you if counting how many times you have jumped together! try to beat your highest number of jumps!

Run through Bunny get ready, set, go! usage this fun, interactive stopwatch to keep track of her longest run! as Bunny runs v you, they alsokeep monitor of the time and also will screen your greatest records at the finish of the run.

Menu Icons

Camera: push the Shutter switch to get in camera mode.

Press the Shutter button or insanity the shutter symbol on screen to snap a photo. Tap the to readjust the shade filter.Tap the Camera icon at the bottom left of your screen to see photos taken.

Photo Effects: apply fun photo borders on the picture snapped.● press the recycle button to cycle through borders● come apply and also save the border on the image, insanity the downloads folder top top the bottom appropriate of the screen.

Video: press the video mode symbol on the key menu display to get in the video clip capturing mode.● insanity the bottom left circle button to start video clip capturing● insanity the bottom left square button to save video clip captured● tap the bottom appropriate > icon to view your video clip library

Voice Recorder: press the Voice Recorder mode icon on the key menu display screen to enter voice recorder mode.● madness the record switch on the display to begin the voice recording. If recording, tap the stop symbol on the display to stop.● Next pick whether to replay voice recording, view previous recordings, record one more or delete present voice recording clip.

Sound Animations: Play with 10 fun sound animations.● tap the photo object to check out an animated object in activity with sound.● Swipe left or appropriate to cycle through the sound animations.

Wallpaper: Customize your iTouch Playzoom food selection with 4 various backgrounds.● To select your wanted background, tap the arrows left and right come cycle through.

Stopwatch: This task functions as a classic stopwatch● insanity the start switch on the screen to start the stopwatch● while the stopwatch is running, tap the stop switch on the display screen to pause/stop the timer.● pressing the Lap button resets the stopwatch timer.

Alarm: collection an alarm to repeat you of those important.To change the alert time:● select the hour and also minute by swiping up or under on the hours, and also minutes.● madness the checkmark to confirm the selection.Note: alarm is based upon the 24-hour style for AM/PM

Timer: use this task to set a countdown timer.To set the timer time:● pick the minute (up come 59 minutes) and seconds by swiping up or down on the minutes and seconds. Tap the check button to confirm.● if the timer is running, insanity the play button to pause the countdown. Tap it again to resume.● to reset the timer, insanity on the time again come re-select your wanted countdown timer.

Calendar: see the calendar by swiping the display screen left or right to watch the previous or following month.

SettingsVolume – adjust the volume of her smartwatch by tapping the +/- ~ above the screen.Brightness – change the brightness of your smartwatch by slide the brightness bar either up or down and the expression of how long the watch screen stays on.Set Date – To set the day, month, and also year by swiping up and downSet Time – To collection the time, swipe up and down ~ above the hours and minutes.

Advanced Settings● Memory- watch the storage usage and also storage totally free memory space.● factory Reset- Reset your iTouch Playzoom smartwatch

Computer Connect: girlfriend can attach iTouch Playzoom Smartwatch to a computer or Mac computer system using the consisted of micro USB cable. As soon as connected, you have the right to transfer files in between the watch and also the computer. Please follow the following steps to do the connection:● traction the rubber cover turn off of the micro USB port on the side of your watch.● Insert the micro USB cable (small end) right into the micro USB harbor on the watch.● Insert the larger finish of the micro USB cable into a USB harbor on the computer.● girlfriend will see a removable drive, please use this to transfer files to and from the watch.

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Micro-USB Port: connect to your computer with the consisted of Micro-USB charger to transport files and also charge thewatch.

Included in package

One iTouch Playzoom SmartwatchOne micro-USB cableQuick start Guide

Product Specifications

Display: 1.44inch TFT Capacitive Touch Screen
Supported LanguagesEnglish
Photo Resolution0.3 Megapixel
Video Resolution