Everything you must know about personalizing your Android house screen, from wallpapers come third-party launchers.

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Android is an obvious an option for civilization who don’t desire the type of top-down manage you obtain from companies favor Apple, where every little thing is prefabricated come fit right into a particular brand identification instead that catering come a user’s details needs and preferences. Google’s open source software, fortunately, provides plenty that room for developers to customize your OS experience. But that freedom likewise trickles down to you, an interpretation you can additional personalize her home screen just exactly how you like it.


But that doesn’t mean you have the right to just flick a switch and have whatever your way. Not whatever is customizable, and there are some limits to what you have the right to do v the points that are.

So, without additional ado, right here are several of the coolest methods you have the right to personalize her home display screen on Android.

Personalize your home screen: The basics


There are some basic customizations to personalize your home display screen on Android that don’t call for that friend download any new apps.

First, and also most obvious, is the background you use as a background. You have the right to opt for one of the go together wallpapers, download some brand-new ones or use your very own existing photos.

How to adjust your background on Android:

Tap and also hold a blank an are on your house screen.Tap top top “Wallpapers” in ~ the bottom of the screen.Choose from the existing wallpapers or use one of your very own photos.Once did you do it made your selection, tap top top “Set wallpaper.”Select even if it is you want that photo as your home screen, lock screen, or both.Repeat the process if girlfriend want various images on your home and also lock screen.

(Note that part Android phones require you come pinch the screen to accessibility the home screen settings, fairly than long-pressing.)

How to remove app shortcuts native your house screen:

Tap and also hold one app’s icon.Drag the application icon you desire to hide into one of 2 places:The app drawer (represented by an symbol in the center-bottom of the screen).Or to the “x” at the optimal of the display screen labeled “Remove.”If you desire to uninstall the app completely you should see “Uninstall” alongside “Remove” in ~ the height of the display screen – merely drag the app icon there instead.

How to include app shortcuts to your house screen:

First, open the application drawer.Tap and also hold the app you want and drag it upwards onto your residence screen.Drop it wherein you desire it, and tap and hold to traction it come a different location.Drag and hold it near the leaf of the display screen to be taken to the next page.

How to produce an app folder:

You can additionally create application groups on your home display screen by combining comparable apps right into categories, each of i m sorry will have its own quick-access folder:

Tap and hold one appDrag it on height of one more app and release.The two apps must be linked into a common folder.Drag any type of other suitable apps into the folder.Tap the folder to open up it and also rearrange the application order through tap, hold and also drag.Rename the folder to something favor “Social,” “Messaging,” “Games,” or whatever.

How to add/remove widgets:

You can also decide i m sorry widgets to have on your house screen. The procedure is nearly identical to relocating apps on and off your home screen:

Tap and also hold a blank room on your residence screen.Tap ~ above “Widgets “at the bottom of the screen.Pick the widget you desire on your residence screen.Tap and also hold it.Drag it come the position you’d favor on your Android residence screen.

Personalize your house screen: get a new launcher


Beyond tweaking her home display screen using what’s already on her phone, friend can additionally download entirely new launchers, that will adjust the layout and also functionality of your home screen itself. Launchers adjust the look, feel and also behavior the even an ext parts of the Android OS, allowing you to make it truly your own.

Launchers likewise let you change your icons, helping you personalize your home screen to influence even the branding that third-party apps. Countless launchers assistance gesture shortcuts and also navigation, sell many much more widgets and shift effects and can even learn your habits and adapt themselves to your requirements throughout the day.

Custom Android launchers worth discovering include:

Have a look in ~ a couple of launchers and also see which fit your personality best. Once you’ve discovered one you choose the look of, install the app, open it and press the home button. You must see a notice about changing your default launcher. Simply readjust your default to the brand-new launcher. If you desire to change back (or friend don’t check out the pop-up), walk to your Settings and search because that “launcher” – girlfriend should have the ability to find the appropriate menu quickly enough, climate just pick the one you want from the perform of mounted launchers to do it your brand-new default.

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Wrap up

There space plenty of ways to personalize your home display screen on Android, whether that’s working through your present settings and also options, or downloading new ones via third-party launchers.

What are several of your favorite methods to personalize your home screen? have actually you discovered third-party apps the make a huge difference? give us your feedback in the comment below!