If you need quick access to the world's optimal search engine, here's how to collection Google.com as your homepage in the optimal browsers—Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge—on desktop computer and mobile.

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Technically, Chrome already opens come Google by default. The browser"s new Tab page has a Google find bar embedded right in the middle. Just click the add to (+) symbol at the height of the web browser to start searching. However, over there is an ext you have the right to do.


Click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser and also select Settings > Appearance. Make sure the switch beside Show residence button has been toggled on, i m sorry will include a residence icon next to the URL bar.

You then have the choice to set the home button to open up either a new Tab page or a practice URL. Set this to custom and enter www.google.com as the homepage. Currently when friend click the Home button you will be instantly taken come Google.


In the Android variation of the mobile app, girlfriend can add a home switch to Chrome under Settings > Homepage. Make sure the switch is turned on and collection the tradition URL to www.google.com for this reason you will certainly be required to Google each time girlfriend tap the home button.



Like Chrome, Firefox likewise opens to Google through default. Open up a new tab in Firefox and also it opens up to a page with a Google search bar. If, for some reason, friend don"t have a search bar, go to Options > Home and check the box alongside Web Search under the Firefox house Content section.

Tell Firefox to open a Google search page under particular circumstances by opened the hamburger food selection in the top-right corner and also selecting Options > Home. Under the brand-new Windows and also Tabs section, choose the drop-down menu next come Homepage and brand-new windows, and click Custom URLs.


Type inwww.google.com, then press get in on her keyboard. Now if friend click the Home button in the Firefox taskbar or open a brand-new window, the will open to Google. For new tabs, Firefox only lets you choose between Firefox Home and a blank tab.

Firefox likewise lets you collection a brand-new homepage through a an easy drag and drop. Navigate to Google.com, then drag and drop the tab ~ above the Home switch in the Firefox taskbar. Click Yes on the accompanying prompt and also the new homepage will be set. Now when friend hit the home button, you will certainly be taken to Google.


You can change the homepage and new tab pages in the Fireox iOS app. Madness the hamburger menu, pick Settings, and also choose house or brand-new Tab under the general section. Tap Custom URL and also enter www.google.com.



Open Safari and navigate to Safari > preferences > General. Set the drop-down menus alongside New windows open with and New tabs open up with to Homepage. In the Homepage section, form www.google.com right into the text field and click Enter.Now you"ll get a Google search web page each time you open up a new window or tab.

The Safari residence page defaults come a perform of her favorite websites v no way to change this in the an equipment Settings. However, girlfriend can include a switch to the house screen. Open Google.com, tap the re-publishing icon, then choose Add to house Screen to include an icon to her device"s home screen.

Microsoft Edge


Since Microsoft"s Edge internet browser is now based on Chromium, the looks a lot favor Google"s Chrome browser. It"sstill a Microsoft product, though, so Bing looms large. Friend can"t eliminate Edge"s new Tab page, however you can collection Google together your default find engine under Settings > Privacy, search, and also services > deal with bar and search.

Set Search engine offered in the deal with bar to Google, then collection Search on new tabs supplies search box or resolve bar to Address bar. Now the URL bar and also the Bing search box will use Google as its find engine.


Other tricks you have the right to pull include transforming the Home button into a Google button. Open up Settings > Appearance and also under Show home button, select the custom URL option. Enter www.google.com and also click Save, then just click the Home switch to visit a Google find page.


You can also open Google ~ above startup if you walk to Settings > on startup and select Open a specific page or pages. Click Add a brand-new page, go into www.google.com right into the URL box, then click Add. Now a Google web page will popular music up every time you open Edge for the very first time. Brand-new tabs will still open up to Microsoft"s house page, though.

Google on Mobile


If you don"t want to bother through a web browser to reach Google, rotate to the Google mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Not only does the app add a Google button to her phone"s house screen, it also offers a find bar widget and voice search capabilities.

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