You might consider Google to it is in your main search engine, however your laptop or her smartphone might select a various search engine together your go-to. Part laptops instantly go to Bing or even Yahoo. It can be annoying and frustrating if you need to open Google manually every time you open up your device. 

Our fast how-to overview will present you exactly how easy that is to readjust your device’s homepage to the Google find engine.

How to collection Google together the homepage in any browser

Microsoft Edge

If her idea of a homepage is much more like, “Whatever page that opens when I start Edge,” then here’s the quickest means to set that up.

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Step 1: Open one Edge window and select more Actions (the dots in the upper right of the screen) and also then Settings.

Step 2: within the Settings page, choose On Startup indigenous the left-hand next menu. Then select Open a specific Page or Pages.

Step 3: Once you execute that, an additional sub-menu will pop increase underneath the option. In this menu, select Add a brand-new Page and also then enter into the dialog crate that pops up. Then choose Add.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome should, under normal circumstances, automatically take you to a window with the search bar and several of her favorite websites, so plenty of Chrome users might not even have come worry around this step. Yet if you desire to collection a more official home display or double-check that whatever is tho working, here’s what come do.


Step 1: choose the More Options symbol (three upright dots) in the optimal right corner of the display in your browser window. Then pick Settings.

step 2: choose Appearance. Indigenous the illustration menu, pick the toggle button next come the Show Home button option.

Step 3: get in in the space noted when triggered to type in your favored homepage’s URL.

Note: This option might not job-related if you space using Chrome on a tablet or phone, wherein settings options are a little more limited.


Here’s how to set Google together your homepage in Safari, follow to Google’s support site:


Step 1: open up Safari, select Safari in the top left corner of the screen, and then pick Preferences. Indigenous here, select General.

Step 2: Look because that the heading that states Homepage with a room next come it. Then type in


Fortunately, girlfriend shouldn’t operation into any obstacles through this browser. Firefox has a pretty straight setup feature for creating a homepage. When you an initial open the Firefox browser, form in Google. Once you’re ~ above Google’s main search engine site, inspect out the following steps:

Step 1: Click/Select the tab chin (the bumper wherein the title of the web page usually is) and also hold down. Then drag that tab right, over to the homepage button that Firefox provides in the taskbar – it looks prefer a little house, and it’s hard to miss.

Step 2: This will lug up a quick an alert asking girlfriend if friend really want to collection this as your homepage. Pick Yes, and also you’re done.

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Step 3: If you desire to delete and replace existing homepage options much more directly, click the three-line food selection button and go come Options. Indigenous here, select the residence tab and also look because that the brand-new Windows and Tabs section and also select the restore Defaults switch that will clear any past choices.


Advanced option: set a series of tabs to open

While utilizing Google as your homepage is convenient, it’s quiet pretty simple. Friend may already know her go-to websites and the persons you’d like to navigate to automatically after opened your browser. If it is the case, you can use a couple of options to collection multiple pages to open whenever you operation your preferred web browser to help save a little bit of time. 

We extremely recommend this tool for everyone who has a similar daily web routine. Play approximately with her options, too; Google Chrome offers a method for girlfriend to choose up ideal where friend left off. Firefox has actually a straightforward way to collection several pages together your homepage, and Mac computer systems will instantly open websites the you clues every time you log onto her computer. If this attribute is supplied efficiently, it could save friend a little bit of time in your daily routine.