If you are searching for information on just how to set up voicemail top top a Samsung Galaxy phone, consisting of S4, S5, S6, S7, and S8, then you will uncover this post helpful.

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It provides simple steps to monitor to successfully set up voicemail on her Samsung Galaxy phone.

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What is Voicemail?

Voicemail is one attribute that comes with brand-new telephone systems, specifically VoIP.It is a voice message that a caller sends as soon as the recipient is absent or liven with an additional phone conversation.The voicemail mechanism is comparable in a means to the old answering machine, but in this case, the voice message is not stored on your answering machine, that is save on computer on the network provider’s server, in a space devoted for the user known as a mailbox.It is not very different from email, just that the messages are voices instead of text.All major network providers have a unique voicemail code which friend can conveniently use, read additional to learn just how to set up voicemail through a Samsung Galaxy.

How to collection up Voicemail ~ above a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Go to application Drawer and also hit top top PhoneIf you see the contact list opening, tap ~ above the call dialler icon located in ~ the bottom-right corner.Once you check out the keypad dialer interface, touch and also hold number 1 key.Now among two things can take place. One, if the service is enabled your phone will certainly prompt you to insert or produce a new password after friend dial the voicemail number.

You might also get a post asking you to document the greeting message at this point.Furthermore, you’ll be directed with a message to input your voicemail number in situation your carrier no configure this organization when your an equipment was first activated.

If the very first circumstance is the case, then go together with the instructions listed by your carrier come complete setting up her voicemail. If you’re directed to input her voicemail number, tap on add NumberIf you have no idea what her voicemail number is, then request it from her network transport or you can search online using these keywords “voicemail number + YourCarrierName + YourCountry”. Now lug out the instructions stated by your service provider come achieve setup up her voicemail.

Note: If girlfriend recently adjusted the service provider or friend bought a used phone, that is likely that you have the dorn voicemail number collection up.

If this is the case, go to application Drawer and tap ~ above Phone. The next thing is to hit on an ext and then push Settings.

Once you discover Settings, scroll every the way down to Voicemail Settings and tap on the entry. This will open a pop-up in which girlfriend can readjust the voicemail number.

How to collection up intuitive Voicemail top top Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone

Visual Voicemail functions by accessing her voicemails and also getting voice messages along with the caller’s info from time to time.It then display screens a list the comprises the name and the number of the caller, consisting of the length and priority level of the voicemail.Before you attempt to configure this feature, perform well to usage a provisioned sim card.For an ext details as regards this subject matter, call your carrier.Visual Voicemail is one interesting feature, however not all company providers support it – part carriers do, others don’t.Follow these steps to configure visual voicemail ~ above Samsung Galaxy S6 device:

On the residence screen, friend should broaden the application Drawer and also press the entry termed visual Voice MailYou’ll it is in taken with several screen slides showcasing several of the capabilities of visual Voicemail. Madness on start to configure the service.If you room yet to reset your voicemail, you will be instructed to execute so, but if you complied with the procedures of the an initial guide, the won’t happen.

Whatever the case, after you have actually keyed her voicemail password, then press end Call.

After a few seconds of processing time, her Visual Voicemail have to now it is in configured.From the complying with screen, you can set your an individual greeting or press Ok come skip this step.

To access a voicemail making use of this service, click the app Drawer indigenous your house screen and also hit on visual Voicemail.

You’ll discover a list mirroring all your voicemails. Girlfriend can choose them all or push the new tab to only reveal the ones that you i can not use listened to so far.After you open a voicemail, you have the right to listen come it through tapping the play button.Tap the trash icon and also then tap Delete, if you want to delete a message.

Note: If you intended to replace your voicemail password appropriate from the visual Voicemail app, fight the food selection icon and move come Settings.The next action is to press adjust Password and input her existing password. You’ll be instructed to enter your new password twice. Struggle OK come confirm.


The procedures to collection up voicemail on your an equipment is not as difficult as one could think.

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All you need to do is to follow the measures outlined here. Ns trust you discovered this write-up helpful?

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