Trying to maintain an excellent security setups on mine laptop, I want my home network come be taken as private and the university network at college to be construed as public. However, my house network is currently showing together public.

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Here is what my Network and Sharing center looks like:


How perform I adjust my residence network indigenous public to exclusive on home windows 8 consumer Preview?



There are a couple of paths come the exactly UI.

"Easiest" : (Use homegroup to gain to the UI / No appropriate clicking needed)

Tap Win+W to open up the search charm because that settingsType HomeGroup and Click the tile labeled only "HomeGroup"Click on the "Change sharing settings" buttonThen select the "Yes" choice which synchronizes to exclusive networks

"Most Direct"

Bring up the "Networks" UI via a click on the network icon from the desktop computer taskbar or from the mechanism charm (Win-I)Right click your connection and select "Turn share On and also OFf"Then choose the "Yes" alternative which coincides to personal networks

Here is the correct UI:



Press Win+R, then type secpol.mscClick top top "Network perform Manager Policies"Double-click on your networkClick ~ above "Tab Network Location"Set "Location Type" come "Private"Go back to Network and also Sharing center to check the result.




Things have adjusted for Windows 8.1. The public/private setting might be also less discoverable now. Well below is what you must do:

Open the pc Settings (Win+C, Settings, adjust PC Settings)Go to Network -> ConnectionsTap/Click top top the network you want to changeA web page with network details opensThere must be a move "Find devices and content" -- rotate it on

Caveats: The switch is not there if the maker is domain-joined and connected to the domain network. I think the move is also absent if girlfriend are connected to an unsecure WiFi.

See also

using Powershell

Set-NetConnectionProfile -interfacealias -NetworkCategory so..

Set-NetConnectionProfile -interfacealias Draadloos -NetworkCategory Privatecredit to an account referred to as "Reader"

The HomeGroup troubleshooter worked for me. It noticed that ns didn"t have any kind of private networks, and fixed the trouble by transforming my "public" network into a exclusive network.

While the answer about secpol.msc is great, on mine win8.1 over there is no such program. I come up with another an easy option: forget the network and include it again through the suitable settings.

You have the right to do this by clicking the wireless icon, manage link settings, manage known networks, pick the network by clicking on it, click forget network. ~ this you need to connect to the network again v the wifi password and also select the you share printers and files, so windows will put it into the personal network category.

Correct me if I"m not correct here, yet you are trying to keep great security attitude by do the readjust from group of publicly to private on your residence network?

Note that categorizing the network as public is actually more secure in this particular setting. If you adjust from publicly to exclusive then you open yourself increase more-so. It"s a little of a false confident if you take it at face value. It is questioning you if this network is thought about a windy or private and also not in reality making it public or private.

on win10 it is fairly easy....

left click your network icon in the job bar. This will certainly list all the currently available wifi connectsleft click your wifi connection. It will be height of the list and have Connected, secured. Likewise under that will certainly be nature (underlined)left click Propertiesa settings page will pop up. Right click the exclusive button and is done!

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