Before a Cancer let"s you have "it" they have to feel safe. It is in gentle, v your technique to sex. When Cancer is ready, girlfriend will watch it in their eyes.

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Or bringing flowers, chocolates cuddling up and also holding hands while you pop the chocolates into your Cancer"s mouth.

You can light candles and place them every around and also on the table in preparation for a wonderful dinner cooking by you.



If you select to seduce a Cancer in ~ home and you are trying to find a Cd come play or a play list for her Ipod.


Cancer women prefer to hear compliments on their breasts.Cancer males like come pay attention to the chest or chest area.

Tip for: Women/Men who room trying come seduce a Cancer masculine or for lesbian females who desire to seduce a Cancer female, you should present cleavage/nice chest.

Seduce a Cancer Tips

The fascinating Evening...tactic...

Make the perfect (Cancer dinner) ns spoke of earlier.


While sitting on the couch, make your move.Cancer"s choose to touch and also be touched so traction them close, if they mold versus you, opportunities are good. As soon as you room cuddled up together, whisper several of these words:

* "I think it"s fate the the 2 of united state met."* "It to be destiny for us to it is in together."* "It feels choose fate."

Move in slowly and also start come kiss Cancer in track with the romantic music you have actually playing. Listen for Cancer"s sighs and also groans the delight. When you hear these sounds friend will know it"s time.


The turning back Psychology...tactic...

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Cancer"s room afraid of gift used and thrown away. You have to cancel out that fear by verbalizing your are afraid of the same.You have actually to show Cancer that because of lock you"re not afraid of gift hurt, you feeling safe.Say miscellaneous like:

"I really like you, ns have solid feelings because that you; you"re sensitive and real but, I"ve to be hurt before and I don"t want to risk that again."