The Fastest method to Send huge Files

MASV’s clean, straightforward interface is so easy that anyone have the right to use it – that the most secure means to share her files.

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A stress-free experience linked with the functions required because that handling huge files help MASV win the perfect balance of kind and function.

Dropping out? We deserve to handle it. MASV conveniently recovers indigenous network instability, instantly resuming the paper transfer procedure right from where you left off.

Leave power bottlenecks and throttling in the past where castle belong. MASV have the right to handle multi-terabyte files and also full task folders through ease, all right from her browser.

MASV dues $0.25 per gigabyte for each record delivery, so friend can quickly bill back customers based upon their specific usage.

No much longer do your users need to fight firewalls or rifle v passwords to obtain things done! there’s no login compelled for them come upload or download files. And also for added security, girlfriend can also password-protect every packages sent out by you and your users.

Know just how to send one email? climate you already know how to use MASV. Clients have the right to keep pace and enjoy a stress-free experience, sending and receiving huge files with no assistance staff, tutorials or training products required.


Look after her team and the job at hand, no matter where girlfriend are. Any administrator attributes in her web application are also accessible through her mobile phone, ensuring hassle-free monitoring whether top top the roadway or at her workstation.

The same beautiful branding applied to the web internet browser experience also applies come MASV on your mobile device. Our communication melts into the elevator so her brand stands out like never before!

Android & IOS

Android, iOS… why not both? MASV is designed for complete compatibility out of the box with the recent flagship mobile operation systems.

Security-First Design

Large record management is serious service – you’re no messing about with this projects and also neither room we. MASV as such takes security really seriously. We usage top-of-the-line encryption on every transfers, both in-flight and at rest, in enhancement to an extensive password protection that administrators can edit at any kind of time. MASV operates top top the Amazon internet Services platform, which attributes built-in, on-premise and cloud-based defense protocols for the best feasible protection. Every download pages additionally receive randomly produced URLs that are next-to-impossible to guess. And, if that’s not enough, MASV is also totally GDPR compliant and also Amazon is one MPAA Certified cloud vendor.

To summarize, you’re in very capable and also experienced hands, and we leaving nothing to chance. If you have actually any additional questions around our security practices, you re welcome don’t hesitate come reach out to us.

No more Subscription Fatigue

At MASV, we understand there’s an ebb and flow to her business, i m sorry is why ours pricing is draft to keep things relocating the method you require them to. That method no an ext being hosted at the mercy of her locked-in subscription to plan or “extra features” the you don’t require which hike the price. Through our basic pay-as-you-go pricing, you have the right to send large files without being minimal within a subscription tier – just send and also pay for papers when you need to, without being locked in to an onerous annual contract. It’s that painless, enabling for girlfriend to gain things done without worrying about billing fluctuations.

MASV receipt you $0.25 every gigabyte that data downloaded with our pay-as-you-go service. That way you just pay once we supply your file. And if you have a sluggish month, your costs stay lined up through earnings. Friend can likewise track your costs earlier to a per delivery line item that renders billing clients a piece of cake. Our individuals love this model, and we think you will too.

Our goal has constantly been come help video clip and an imaginative professionals streamline their workflows. Our new API-first style is exactly how we’re accomplishing that. MASV is developed on the bones of a robust and also capable API that we use in our very own products. This API is easily accessible to customers, designed to support crucial integrations with famous services you use every day. This ensures the MASV is constantly the perfect right for her workflow.

The time it will take because that your transport to finish depends on her bandwidth (upload/download). MASV is able to utilize your complete accessible upload/download bandwidth in stimulate to carry out you the more quickly speeds.

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The maximum paper size of a single document within a package is 5TB. Web browser downloads only allow a preferably package dimension of 5TB because we ZIP every the documents into a single file. Using our desktop app, a package size might exceed 5TB as lengthy as the single file size limitation is respected. MASV supports essentially infinite paper and package sizes. Native gigabytes come terabytes, and also beyond, MASV can handle it. That’s due to the fact that we design MASV from the ground up, using advanced cloud and also software-defined WAN modern technology to certain maximum flexibility, capacity, and performance, whether you’re sending records locally or across the world.