Moving indigenous Google Apps to Office 365


lasignoralaura.com is a cooperation platform the was centrally sustained by the CGIAR due to the fact that 2009. Considering most CGIAR Centers have actually moved come Office 365, they have actually shifted initiatives in the adoption of Office 365 rather of Google Apps (lasignoralaura.com). 


Google Drive allows you store, share and access your documents onthe web, ~ above your tough drive, or on mobile devices. Checksupported formats.

Each file that friend upload deserve to be approximately 10 GB. Usageinformation is displayed when girlfriend upload a document. All other size limits apply.

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To obtain started, monitor these five recommended steps:

Sign in to Drive Create a folder Upload files Share the folder Notify her collaborators

There are much more ways come organize and accessibility your Drive: checkthis extendedtutorial.

Sign in to drive on the web

Go to https://drive.google.com/a/lasignoralaura.com/ and sign-in with her CGIAR username and password. 

Create a folder


Click the Create button at the topleft of her Drive and select Folderfrom the menu.

In package that appears, location your cursor over the fieldlabeled New Folder andenter a name.

The folder you created now appears in My Drive both on the left navigation menu and also the main pane.

Upload a record or more to the folder

To add files, open the folder and also drag and drop one or more filesfrom your computer to the main pane that the screen.

Alternatively, click on the Upload button and also select Files…to open a dialog box that allows you pick files for upload.


You will certainly be asked to confirm your upload settings. Certainfile formats, e.g. Multiple sclerosis Word, have the right to be convert to the matching Google Docs formatand make editable online. You have actually the option to convert or not transform thefiles girlfriend upload. To maintain the initial format, uncheck the an initial box andclick on Start upload. Monitor theprogress ~ above screen.

Note: girlfriend can also upload folders native yourcomputer, which is handy as soon as you should share a large collection the files.

Share the folder

Sharing a folder through one or an ext users is an easy means togive them access to the files in the folder.

Locate the folder in My Drive and right-click ~ above it, select Share… and climate Share… again
In the sharing settings, you set the visibility that the folder and also its contents. You deserve to share privately v individual users, or collection the visibility alternative in bulk at the folder level.
By default, visibility the folders and also files is private: only the people you invite can access. You need to invite collaborators and also give lock permission to Edit
or View:
Edit gives them legal rights to add more files, develop subfolders, include people and adjust visibility and also permissions. View offers them a an easy right come view and browse the folder.

In the Invite peoplebox, kind the email addresses of the users you would like to accessibility the folderand every the documents in it.

Note around inviting users: all the people youwish to invite room required to have a Google account.

Bulk visibility options

If the info is not confidential or you would choose toavoid collaborators to authorize in, girlfriend can change the visibility that the folder andits documents in bulk. Find the Private line and also click ~ above Change… todisplay the easily accessible options:

Public top top the Web: no sign-in required. Everyone on theInternet have the right to find and access. An excellent when you great to i have announced a repertoire ofdocuments v a simple link indigenous a internet page.Anyone v the link: no sign-in required. Only human being whoreceive the connect will have the ability to access. Good when you great to share acollection come a team or group of civilization on one occasional basis or just for reference.If this link is published on the Web, world not originally invited have the right to accessthe files.lasignoralaura.com: sign-in required. Civilization on lasignoralaura.com canfind and also access. Good when files are not restricted access within CGIAR, butare not for circulation outside.People in ~ lasignoralaura.com v the link: sign-in required. Goodwhen friend want simply to distribution a link to a team of lasignoralaura.com usersthat you have identified.Remember the in any of the above cases, friend can give users permissionto edit or View. Morein Sharing setups overview.

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Notify her collaborators

You have two alternatives to let your partners know aboutthe mutual folder and its contents:

1. Send a attach by mail(safe option): at the peak of the Sharingsettings box, find the attach toshare: select, copy and paste it in an e-mail message the you will certainly send toyour collaborators.

2. Send a notificationfrom Drive (conditions apply): Onthe Sharing settings box, friend canselect Notify civilization via email – add amessage. By picking this option, you will certainly be sending a an alert withthe link to the folder straight from Drive. Usage this option as soon as you are surethat your CGIAR colleagues have actually setup the letter forwarding in lasignoralaura.com. This ensures the they will receivethe notice in your cgiar.org mail.
Shared folders will appear in your collaborators’ journey in the navigation food selection under common with me. For quicker accessibility and to have the folder synchronized in their Drive application, partners can