You’ve produced a video for Facebook and also now the time to share it. In this guide, we’ll describe all the various ways you have the right to share a video to Facebook, whether you’re sharing together an ad, to your company page, or through family and friends on your personal profile.

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Facebook video clip specs

Before we get into the step by action instructions for sharing videos to Facebook, right here are the recommended video specs. We’ll break them down according come the on facebook feed and Facebook Stories.

Facebook feed video specs

Video Ratio: All aspect ratios in between 9:16 and also 16:9 space supported, consisting of square (1:1), landscape (16:9), and also 2 size of vertical (9:16 and also 4:5). 9:16 vertical might be masking to 4:5 in the feed, yet will play complete size when viewers click come watch.File Size: 4GB maxResolution: facebook recommends the maximum resolution that fits both paper size and also ratio limits. Over there is no border on resolution.Video Length: 1 2nd minimum come 240 minute max

Facebook Stories video clip specs

Here’s the recommended video clip specs for on facebook Stories:

Video Ratio: You have the right to share any kind of aspect ratio in between 1.91 to 9:16. However, 9:16 will fill the entire display screen for one optimal experience. You can create 9:16 videos ~ above iOS using the Social video clip Editor app.File Size: 4GB maxResolution: on facebook recommends the best resolution the fits both record size and also ratio limits. There is no limit on resolution.

Facebook video ad specs

If you’re running Facebook video ads, in the feed or on on facebook Stories, the specs are comparable to that of essential videos. The main additional thing to store in mental is the if your video clip thumbnail has an ext than 20% text coverage, it may an outcome in your ad not being authorized or in decreased delivery. To discover more, including just how to re-superstructure a video as one ad, inspect out our overview to utilizing Facebook Ads Manager to operation targeted ads.

How come share a video clip to a Facebook page

If you’ve made a video in, we’ll present you exactly how to share straight to facebook in a click later on in this guide. In this section, fine be share instructions because that uploading a video document to share to her Facebook organization Page.

Step 1: Head to her Page

Head over to the Facebook page where you’d favor to upload her video. If you’re utilizing Facebook organization Manager, make sure to click in to regulate your Page.

Step 2: Upload your video

From your Page, click the “Photo/Video” switch to upload your video. Once you click on the button, choose “Upload Photos/Video” to choose the video document you’d favor to upload.


Step 3: add your video clip details

Add a location for your video, together with a description, and tags to make it much easier for human being to find your video clip in on facebook search. You can also click to choose a thumbnail for your video, include subtitles & captions, add a poll, and also more.


Step 4: Publish

Once you’ve input all the details, it’s time come publish! You have the right to simply click Publish to publish now, or you have the right to schedule your video to short article later. And that’s all there is to it!


How to share a video to your personal Facebook file

Uploading come your personal profile? The process is pretty similar to share to a company Page, but with much less options. The measures are together follows:

Step 1: Log right into Facebook

Make sure you're logged right into Facebook. Then, either head to your News feeding homepage or come your personal profile page.

Step 2: Upload her video

Find the module whereby you'll create your post and click the button that claims Photo/Video. You'll then be able to select the file you'd favor to upload.


Step 3: say something about your video

Once your video is uploaded, friend can include a description. Let people know a tiny bit more about the video clip you're sharing. Girlfriend can likewise tag anyone who you're friends with that could be in the video.


Step 4: Post

Once you're done, you deserve to decide if you desire your video to show up in the News feeding or in your facebook Story. Girlfriend can likewise decide that you want to be able to see your video. Once you're ready, simply click Post to do your video live!

How to share a video clip to Facebook story

Interested in sharing a video to on facebook Stories? We've got you covered. Our complete guide to gaining started v Facebook Stories division it down, action by step. Click here to discover how.

How to share an video directly to on facebook

If you produced your video clip in, you deserve to share your video directly come Facebook. This'll conserve you the extra action of downloading and install your video clip first. You deserve to share to one of two people a Facebook page or a facebook Profile directly from her video's play page.


If friend haven't currently connected your account or your Page, you'll be motivated to perform so.


Once that's done, friend can easily easily include a description and post right to your profile or page.

How to share a YouTube video clip on on facebook

Last however not least, we'll present you just how to share a YouTube video clip to Facebook. But prior to we get to that, we want to suggest out the the best results come as soon as you upload your video natively come Facebook, fairly than sharing a link. So we recommend using one of the over options to share your video clip for the best reach and also engagement.

If you're set on sharing the YouTube video clip to FAcebook, there space a couple ways to do it. The first is to just copy the YouTube link and also paste it right into a Facebook standing update come share.

But you can also share a video clip to Facebook straight from YouTube. To execute this, click the share icon on the video clip page and then click the facebook icon.


Clicking come share will open the video link in a new post in Facebook. Simply add a description and click Post to Facebook.

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And over there you have actually it! We've displayed you exactly how to re-publishing videos to your facebook Profile, facebook Page, together a facebook ad, and more. To discover even an ext about video clip sharing, examine out our overview to sharing her video clip anywhere.