When including a status update v the city hall activity, the status short articles to mine timeline as "Hashim is the town hall Kong".

Is there a way to change this to something like:

Hashim watched Kong


You are watching: How to share what you’re watching on facebook

Hashim was watching Kong

Anything to show that i watched the movie at an early stage in the day rather than in ~ the moment I updated the status?

I recall the a few months ago there was an option to change the exact time the an task occurred, but I have the right to no longer uncover it.

This is the problem; the choice pictured in his price no longer exists for me at all, in spite of the reality it did probably 6 months ago. Also, my interface hasn"t looked prefer that in a while.
Phong - space all your screenshot recent? This is what mine currently looks like:


And as soon as the condition panel is clicked on:


I"m conscious that facebook likes to experiment through making specific features accessible to certain geographies - which could be one explanation for why I"m lacking the adjust Date attribute - but I didn"t think that used to entire facets of the UI. I"m native the phibìc of the UK, for comparison.

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Editing the day of a post (at the very least one featuring an activity) no longer appears to be possible via the Facebook app (v.85 because that iOS) or the mobile website together of march 24th, 2017.

However you can still do that change using the full on facebook website, which can be compelled on a phone call by navigating come https://www.facebook.com/home.php. It needs to be gotten in exactly; otherwise you’ll be redirected to the cell phone site.

When posting together an activity, click the rightmost alternative seen below:


That short article may be edited after the truth by clicking the downward arrowhead next come your short article v:


In my testing, an altering the day of the task post by simply a couple of minutes to update is watching to was watching.

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