Make cooking recipes Videos 10 actions Using Smartphone-

A video tutorial on just how to do Recipe Videos 10 measures Using Smartphone.

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* If you have actually not viewed my lighting setup video, then you re welcome watch that video first to see just how I set up my lights and backdrop: my Lighting collection Up Tutorial.You can make recipes videos 10 steps using a smartphone.

*Watch mine Short video clip Tutorial:

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Step 1:

Make a cooking recipes shot list: write down a perform of all the cooking recipes steps and also ingredients supplied in the video. Each action is shot individually & the shot need to be 15 seconds or less.

Step 2:

Fully charge phone & put the call in aircraft mode, therefore as no to be disturbed through notifications.

Step 3:

Go to the camera settings,( a little gear prize in the corner) and also click on video clip size, then pick 1920 x 1080 complete HD or 1280 x 720 HD if her camera does not have actually 1920 x 1080. Mine phone actually has actually a 4K size, but that record size take away up too much space and is an ext suited because that cinematic type films. You can additionally click on video or photo stabilization if you have that choice as well.

Step 4:

Always shoot in a horizontal orientation and also not in vertical because that high quality. Those square videos are cropped or resized in a video clip editing software. Constantly use the back camera, and also never the selfie camera. The earlier camera is a far better camera and also has more pixels.

Step 5:

If you’re familiar with photography and also camera setups (for example: shutter speed, ISO, white balance, etc), then use the integrated camera application called Camera Pro mode on Android, or use the paid app for iphone phone called Filmic Pro, so you can change the setups for exposure. If you space not familiar with these, then walk ahead and use Auto because that camera setups (so the camera will pick the setups for you).

Step 6:

Turn turn off audio, or girlfriend can also detach & remove any audio in a video editor later. If you are showing up in the video clip and talking, climate you will desire to use a lavaliere mic(clips ~ above to your shirt) or shotgun mic (plugs right into your phone). If you simply want to explain the steps with voice, then i recommend act a separate voice recording v a microphone the plugs right into your computer system (like this computer mic) and uses a totally free audio recording software choose Audacity to record voice and also download together an mp3 file. Then add the voice recordings into the video clip in editing.

Step 7:

Set increase the 3 point lighting from earlier first video. Watch the lighting setup video in mine previous video.

Step 8:

Don’t movie in one long continuous session. Film each recipe step in different 10 come 15-second shots. This functions much much better when editing and enhancing the video.

Step 9:

collection up the phone on a tripod through a phone call tripod attachments and frame shot by dispersing fingers till items in the shot are in view. *Pictures of my tripod setups (overhead camera and also straight ahead) in the video above. Below isMy Z flex Tripod Attachment for shooting overhead

Step 10.

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that is much easier to shoot making use of a camera video remote for your kind phone to stop camera shiver from pushing the filming button on and off. Shoot every recipe step on her shot list.