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Redeeming credit transaction card points for Amazon purchases deserve to save girlfriend money, yet you'll commonly do far better using point out for take trip or various other rewards. crystal Cox/Business Insider
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Please note: when the offers mentioned listed below are exact at the moment of publication, they"re topic to adjust at any time and also may have actually changed, or might no much longer be available.You deserve to pay for Amazon purchases utilizing rewards points indigenous Amex, Citi, Chase, resources One, and more.The finest savings come from assorted "use one point" promotions available by Amex, Citi, and Chase.

Amazon prime Day 2021 is just around the corner. From June 21 to 22, the virtual retailer will be giving Amazon prime members discounts on every little thing from technology to kitchen gives to clothing.

This occasion is a an excellent way to conserve money ~ above the materials of your Amazon cart, and you could have the ability to "stack" transaction to conserve even much more on purchases, throughout Prime Day and also beyond.

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Credit card points programs sell plenty of ways to redeem rewards for Amazon purchases, but they"re not all produced equal, and also in countless cases, knocking down your Amazon bill isn"t the highest-value method to redeem your points.

Here"s a look at all the options for paring down your Amazon acquisition prices.

Use points for Amazon gift cards

Many clues programs permit you to cash in your points in exchange for gift cards, and also in part cases, Amazon gift cards are amongst the choices.

But when it may sound like a great option at first glance — after ~ all, many of united state aren"t making use of our points because that travel appropriate now, and who doesn"t favor shopping for free?— redeeming points because that gift cards generally isn"t a an excellent use of those points. Law it deserve to mean sacrificing significant value; in other words, your points have the right to save you a lot more money if offered elsewhere.

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Let"s look at at chase Ultimate Rewards as an example. Chase lets you buy Amazon gift cards because that 1 cent every point, an interpretation 30,000 ultimate Rewards points have the right to net girlfriend a $300 gift card.

And moved to Hyatt, those very same points can obtain you a night in any type of Category 7 hotel — consisting of the Park Hyatt Sydney, which routinely goes for an ext than $1,000 per night. Usage the points on an Amazon gift card, and you"re walking far from $700 in potential value!

Chase ultimate Rewards points space worth, on average, 1.8 cent apiece based on Insider"s points and miles valuations — in part because of the capacity to transport them to take trip partners and get outsized value.

Of course, the pandemic hasn"t been basic on many world financially, and if you"re in a pinch, you may be more than willing to sacrifice that potential worth in order to procure necessities without dinging your bank account.

Here"s a watch at several of the program that will certainly let you profession your points for Amazon gift cards:

Amazon Shop through Points

A number of programs take it it one step further, letting you use your credit transaction card points come shop with Amazon itself.

After linking your credit transaction card to her Amazon account, you can simply select your points together a payment method at checkout, eliminating the process of having to purchase a gift card an initial (and in turn locking yourself right into a certain denomination).

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But prefer going the gift card route, redeeming her points through Amazon straight will result in bad value.

Here"s a summary on the programs that let girlfriend shop v points:

In the situation of follow Ultimate Rewards and Citi ThankYou Rewards, you"re much better off utilizing your map to pay for your Amazon purchase. Afterward, you have the right to redeem points for a statement credit transaction at 1 cent per suggest to "erase" the transaction — plus, you"ll earn points for her purchase.

"Use one point" promos

Luckily, there"s a method to usage your clues to reduce prices without leaving a ton of value on the table — in ~ least, sometimes.

American Express, Chase, Discover, and also Citi occasionally offer target promos that award discounts to shoppers as long as they usage at least one suggest at checkout.

American Express freshly offered certain customers the opportunity to take 40% off select purchases to save up to $40 if they usage at least one point to pay, v June 23, 2021Chase is supplying some the its cardholders a opportunity to conserve 50% on as much as $30 in purchase if they redeem one suggest or an ext at checkout, v June 22, 2021Targeted uncover cardholders can get 30% or 40% turn off (maximum of $30 or $40) on your Amazon purchase once they usage at the very least 1 uncover Cashback Bonus suggest at checkout, v June 22, 2021and in the past, Citi expanded 20% turn off at Amazon to customers who supplied at the very least one suggest with a cap of $30.

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Of course, promos don"t critical forever, and again, these space targeted, an interpretation they"re only accessible to specific cardholders. Yet the capability to unlock that form of savings if only having actually to sacrifice a solitary point is a good opportunity, therefore if you"re eligible, you"ll desire to pounce. If you"re not, remember to check back later; you may be eligible even if you haven"t been in the past.

To check out if you deserve to score the savings, you"ll first have to link your eligible map to her Amazon account as component of the retailer"s Shop with Points program. (Link Amex cards here, chase cards here, uncover cards here, and also Citi cards here.)

Once your cards space enrolled, view if you"re standard for any type of of the promotions by visiting these links:

And remember: Don"t use an ext than the one required allude if you deserve to avoid it, as you deserve to make much more of your points if you use them for travel!

Use one Amazon credit transaction card

As you might expect, the points you earn using an Amazon credit transaction card can also help you save money in ~ the sleeve giant.

When it pertains to Amazon credit cards, there room a few choices: the Amazon element Rewards Visa Signature card , the Prime store card, and also the company Prime American to express Card, nobody of which carry an yearly fee.

With the Amazon element Rewards Visa Signature map , you"ll knife 5% cash earlier on Amazon and Whole foods purchases (assuming you have an Amazon element membership — if not, you"ll knife 3% back). You"ll also earn 2% cash earlier at restaurants, gas stations, and also drugstores, together with 1% ago on all other purchases. You have the right to redeem as lot cash back as you"d prefer at Amazon checkout, wherein you"ll check out your accessible stash show up as a payment option.

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Amazon additionally offers the Prime save card, which, favor the Amazon prime Rewards Visa Signature card , nets you 5% ago on Amazon to buy that can either be offered as Amazon savings or went back to you together a statement credit.

With the company Prime American refer Card, meanwhile, you"ll rack up 5% cash ago on Amazon purchases, together with 2% cash back at restaurants, at gas stations. And also on wireless phone solutions purchased straight from US business providers (cash ago is got in the type of reward Dollars).

But before you go to run to take the end an Amazon card, there"s crucial question to consider, and that"s what form of rewards you desire to it is in earning.

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Every dissension you placed on one Amazon map is a dollar that won"t earn you much more flexible travel points that, as we"ve discussed, deserve to go a long method toward saving you some significant money.

And even if you"re no interested in travel, friend may be able to find a cash-back credit card that supplies bigger rewards or bonuses in categories that better suit her spending habits. Girlfriend may find after weighing your options that one Amazon card is the ideal fit, but it"s never ever a negative idea to check out up top top what"s out there prior to making a selection!

Buy Amazon gift cards strategically

No Amazon card? No problem. Even if you have a more general rewards credit card, you can still use the points girlfriend earn with it to conserve money top top Amazon to buy by purchase Amazon gift cards at retailers that earn bonus rewards — like grocery stores, gas stations, or drugstores.

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While this approach isn"t together convenient as several of the rather we"ve looked at, it to represent a great way to maximize her rewards. Just keep in mind that you won"t gain credit map benefits like purchase protection and extended warranty as soon as you go this route.

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Carly Helfand is a points and also miles blogger and coach who"s been making use of points to travel to 52 cities in every calendar year because 2011.She"s likewise a full-time financial journalist who gained her begin in the organization reporting human being whileearning her master"s at Northwestern University"s Medill college of Journalism.