1 Shut the f*** up

One time I got angry at who so much around all the crap he preserved saying about me that ns accidently told him to shut increase in my indigenous language, and also it in reality made the shut up.

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I constantly use this...It works sometimes other times ya simply need come be directly up and also say " your breath stinks stop polluting the air...

Use this all the time! On mine siblings, parents, fake girlfriend tryna hit me up again, and just annoying people.

I great I might say that, yet my dad said me to never ever say that word, so no deserve to do.

2 It is end now? "cause I"ve had enough of your foul mouth smell

Really castle suck, they are disgusting!

That man licked a skunk.

Here have some mentos

3 Oh just shut it, go and also shove your head in a toilet!

No means no one must stick over there head in a restroom stool? (which lock wont)? phone call them come go catch a butter fly and also fly through it.

It makes civilization shut up.

Dog Poop would be worse.

Try not to throttle tho

4 I"m sick and tired of your words so just shut up!

The ideal one, since I favor things which are simple and to the point.

YEAH simply be real and also get to the point.

Nah. I gained cancer from her words.

Shots fired! Shots fired!

5 Be mindful you might choke top top those words

The perfect amount of passive-aggressive. My thing.

My style of telling people to it is in quiet.

Haha! This is a great one!

I mean I could choke ya

6 And I thought that Bieber was boring

Then a Bieber fan says "You room the many boring human being on the planet and no one would desire to talk to you ever goodbye loser."

I like this because I have the right to use this against my mother.

No. Stock sector is boring.

This to be a good insult

7 Can girlfriend shut her trashy dustbin please?

Um, ns would never ever leave the lid to mine trash deserve to open.

Haha! I"ve gotta use this... Maybe.

9 You recognize right currently I just want to put a fork in it

Sound prefer if friend don"t get (help) quick? You might put a fork in the T.V. Or anything. ? (go obtain a float) and chill out.

10 You watch beautiful through your mouth closed

Haha! ns love this one if I ever before get another bully on mine back, I"ll be certain to use this one.

A compliment and an insult in ~ the very same time! I"d be silent for the remainder of mine life.

Then they will say they space ugly simply to annoy you.

Hilarious functions every time!

12 Shut up

Sometimes, you"ve gotta stick through the classics.

Oh the classic SHUT up ! it renders my work .

I think this one is really common.

This have to be one of two people number 1 or 2.

13 Ok I"ve had enough

We all have actually enough. That"s when you leave the house and take the bank card and also the car. And (say hello Florida or (Anywhere town) to obtain this stressed off of me. Also if you need to hop a bus (just walk go go)

14 I"m sorry, to be you talking?

Being rude come them due to the fact that why not?

Nah, ns was simply messing around.

Really great it worked

Definitely a an excellent one.

15 Stop whining, ns get enough if this crap indigenous my six year old and also he"s less annoying than you, at the very least he turn off up!

Yeah I entirely gave birth at 2 year old.

Little six year old brother far better than the big whining child

16 Stop talking. Her voice is worse 보다 Bieber.

A good insult constantly includes dustbin beaver gift better!

I will exercise to make it better.

That way you"re moaning.

It"s the finest way

17 You know the smartest human being stay quiet for lengthy periods the time.

If friend don"t want your mind to acquire damaged you much better shut the hell up

I excellent this to mine sis

18 You know that her vocal cord is horrible?

Of food my vocal is (trebile) I talk on the phone at work. Scream in ~ the youngsters when I obtain home. (Yell) at my hubby) he was the end all nite. So currently I can not talk. (I placed on a ice ) with Britney spears. , and play a pair of song by the Beatles. And also a track by the (dells) oh what a nite. ? So mine vocal cords it seems to be ~ to be doing (Alright) until tonite?

Crappy vocal chords

21 Go die

I"m a pumpkin skull for this reason technically I"m kinda.

That is animal abuse. What? We are animals.

Very straightforward, I like it.

Another fatality threat.

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23 Don"t ever pass up your opportunity to close up door up

"An inspirational means to phone call someone the they room talking also much. For instance, I have a friend who I supplied this on. That worked! "

Like now and forever!

Like now and also forever.

24 Stfu noob. Additionally get rekt"

Person A: Su noob. Also get rektPerson B: I could shut up once you protect against talking favor those bratty roblox kids!

Literally me on Roblox

Roblox noob spring ass

This is for this reason stupid

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