When girlfriend register through the Selective Service, you"re help ensure a secure future for your community and also the United says of America.

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Registration for men 18-25

Selective service registration is compelled by law as the first part that a fair and also equitable mechanism that, if authorized through the President and Congress, would certainly rapidly provide personnel to the room of Defense while at the exact same time giving for an different Service regime for conscientious objectors. Through registering, a young male remains eligible for jobs, state-based student assist in 31 states, Federally-funded task training, and also U.S. Citizenship because that immigrant men.


Verify her Registration

Online verification provides a quick means to access your Selective organization registration number and date that registration. You also can publish a copy of her registration card that deserve to be offered as proof of registration.

Men 26 and also Older

If you space 26 or older, it"s as well late to register. If friend failed to register by period 26 and also are seek benefits connected with Selective business registration, click the link listed below to learn an ext about next steps.



The law right now requires the only males register v Selective Service. In the occasion that the law is readjusted to encompass registering women, Selective service is ready to expand registration.



If you room an immigrant male living in the joined States, documented or undocumented, and also are between the eras of 18 and 25, you are compelled to register with few exceptions.



If you space a military veteran or a armed forces reservist, you space still compelled to register v Selective Service. However, if you served in the armed Forces and are 26 or older, yet failed to register, your DD type 214 is proof that your failure to it is registered was no knowing and willful.

Parents should aid young males become conscious of your civic and legal responsibilities. By registering, your son continues to be eligible because that benefits that are attached to registration, favor state-based student aid, grants, project training programs, federal government jobs and also citizenship.

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Call: 847-688-6888 or toll-free: 888-655-1825

Hours the operation: 9:00 am to 5:00 afternoon EST, Monday to Friday, other than on commonwealth holidays.