While some press notifications space vitally important, most of castle are just annoying. If you’re constantly being distracted by a flood of notifications from apps girlfriend don’t even use anymore, there room several methods to protect against them. Here’s exactly how to turn off every notifications on her iPhone, clear them from your lock screen, and hide all your old notifications.

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How to rotate Off Notifications on your iPhone

To protect against receiving notifications indigenous an app on your iPhone, walk to Settings > Notifications. Then select an app and also turn off the slider next to Allow Notifications. Friend will have to repeat this procedure for each application you desire to revolve off.

Open the Settings application on your iPhone. This is the app with the gear-shaped symbol that came v your iPhone. You can discover it through swiping under from the middle of your house screen and also typing Settings in the find bar at the height of your screen.Then madness Notifications.Next, choose the application you want to turn off. You will view a perform of all your apps under Notification Style.
Finally, rotate off Allow Notifications. This will revolve off every kind of an alert from the app. However, friend will need to repeat the procedures for every app you desire to rotate off.

If you don’t want to totally turn turn off notifications for details apps, you can also readjust their setups from here.

Under Alerts, you have the right to stop notifications from appearing on your Lock Screen and Notification Center, where other human being could check out your notifications when your iphone phone is turn off. You can likewise stop notifications from showing up as Banners at the peak of your screen when your iPhone is rotate on.Then friend can readjust the Banner Style native Temporary, which method it will disappear after ~ a short period of time, come Persistent, which way it will continue to be at the top of your screen until you swipe the away.Finally, you have the right to turn off an alert sounds and also red badge icons that appear in the top-right corner of the apps top top your home screen.

If you don’t desire to rotate off notifications for every app on her iPhone individually, you can additionally pause them all at once using Do no Disturb mode.


How to stop All Notificationson her iPhone

To pause all notifications on her iPhone at once, walk to Settings > execute Not Disturb and turn on the slider alongside Do no Disturb. If you desire to silence all calls and also notifications, additionally make certain to insanity Always under Silence.

Open the Settings application on her iPhone.Then insanity Do not Disturb.Next, toggle the slider beside Do not Disturb. You will know it is top top if it is green.

Note: native here, you have the right to tap Schedule to collection when and how lengthy you desire to turn do Not Disturb mode on.

Finally, madness Always under Silence. every notifications and phone calls will certainly be turned off while execute Not Disturb mode is on.

Note: If friend still desire to receive calls while carry out Not Disturb mode is on, insanity Allow calls From and select Everyone.


You can likewise turn on do Not Disturb setting in the Control facility by swiping down from the top-right corner of your display screen on an iphone X or a more recent model. If you have actually an enlarge iPhone, swipe increase from the bottom of your screen. Climate tap the moon-shaped symbol to rotate on carry out Not harass mode.


Then you have the right to tap and hold the moon-shaped symbol to bring up the perform Not annoy menu. Indigenous here, friend can choose how lengthy you want to keep carry out Not Disturb mode turned ~ above or tap Schedule come change much more settings.

If girlfriend don’t want to revolve on execute Not annoy mode, friend can easily hide all the information in your notifications instead. Here’s how:

How to Hide notification Previews

To hide all notification previews on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > show Previews and also select Never. This will hide the details in your notifications, so girlfriend will only see the name and icon the the app.


While this will hide the details in your notifications, that is vital to keep in mind that someone might easily disclose that information by tapping and holding the notification. So, this might not be the finest option if you space trying to keep details notifications a secret.

Once you have turned turn off notifications, you have the right to clear any type of that stay in the notification Center, which other human being might have the ability to see from her lock screen. Here’s how:

How to clean All her Notifications in the notice Center

To clear all your notifications in the notice Center on her iPhone, swipe down from the peak of your screen. Climate tap and also hold the “X” in the top-right edge of her screen. Finally, madness Clear every Notifications.

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Now the you know exactly how to revolve off notifications on her iPhone, examine out our step-by-step guide on exactly how to block a contact on her iPhone.

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